Panduit Electrical and Network Supports and Fasteners Video

We're talking about Panduit's Stronghold solutions. Panduit in the industry has always been a leader in the cable management sector. In cable management, Panduit has had J-hooks, representing how to hang cable correctly. Our J-Hooks are plastic that actually protects the cable from nicks. It also comes in multiple colors such as red, blue, white, black, etc.

We've also rounded out our complete StrongHold solution line with all the pieces and parts that are needed on a cable infrastructure. We have beam clamps; we have pipe fittings, we have drywall brackets as well, all this would actually help the contractor because it's one entire complete solution that they're going to experience on an installation within a building.

The bushings actually protect the cable. Metal studs have very harsh lines on them that could damage the cable, and if you damage the cable, you'll have to repull it, so bushings protect the cable.

From an efficiency standpoint, Panduit has the most complete end-to-end solution with electrical, networking and cable management infrastructure solutions. What this allows the contractor to do is create one purchase order, and one purchase order then could encompass all these different solutions. So you've got one vendor who is buying from Graybar.

These pieces and parts are available in a knock down box. The knock down box is a time saver for a contractor. It makes it very efficient when pulling out the pieces and parts, the knock down box can be tossed away quickly, and the installation ultimately saves them time.