Panduit Data Center Infrastructure Solutions

Panduit data center infrastructure solutions drive performance, efficiencies and maximum capacity utilization for the greatest ROI

Reclaim Underutilized Cooling Capacity and Reduce Energy Expenses with Panduit Universal Aisle Containment

The Net-Contain™ Universal Aisle Containment System allows users to reclaim underutilized cooling capacity, reduce energy expense, and reduce OpEx by retrofitting their existing data center with a versatile containment system. Read more.


Panduit PanMPO Fiber Connector

Change doesn’t have to be hard. With Panduit’s PanMPO™ Connector, you can change the polarity and gender of the fiber optic connector in the field, making your 10G to 40G Ethernet migration quick, easy and cost-effective. Read more.


The DCIM Solution For Small Data Centers: Panduit's SmartZone Rack Energy Kits

Data centers of all sizes face similar power and environmental management concerns. But with limited resources for technology, staffing, and financing, small data centers are left vulnerable to inefficiency and system failure. SmartZone™ Rack Energy Kits—simple to order, install, and use—deliver cost-effective power and environmental monitoring for data centers with 30 or fewer racks and cabinets.


The Completely Integrated Fiber System: Panduit HD Flex 2.0 Fiber Cabling System

Remember dial-up internet that took eons to load? Today, that idea is almost comical. Soon we’ll expect signals to go to space and back in a second flat. As data rates increase, so does the need for fiber-optic connectivity. Today’s data centers need solutions that maximize ROI, are easy to service, and scale into the future. Panduit's HD Flex™ fiber cabling system was built for high-fiber density environments.