Panduit Converged Infrastructure Solution

Panduit's Converged Infrastructure Solution allows you to be focused more on the IT environment and less on integrating the components within the physical infrastructure of the data center.

This system involves the design of the data center, the procurement of everything, the implementation of the physical infrastructure, and the operations of everything when it's all complete.

The converged infrastructure allows you to reduce time and cost in those elements of the data center life cycle. The system is actually made of components: cabinet, cabling aspects, power, and intelligence.

Panduit has two cabinet lines; the Net-Access S-Type line and the Net-Access N-Type line. One line is meant more for the network equipment and one line is meant more for the server equipment.

From a fiber distribution perspective, we have HD Flex and the PanMPO connector on the trunk side that allows very high dense and very flexible capabilities within the fiber distribution.

The PDUs have different power capabilities; you have the ability to monitor at a aggregate level or the ability to monitor at a per-outlet level. You can switch at an outlet level,or monitor and switch at a per-outlet level.

There are two different ways to deploy this type of intelligent hardware in the data center: the network-enabled approach and the gateway-enabled approach.

From an intelligence perspective, Panduit has Rack Energy Kits that allow you to dip your toe into the water for intelligence. They manage very small rooms or small data centers; anywhere from one cabinet to 30 cabinets. They come with either the clamp or inline meter or an intelligent PDU. The clamp is used on unintelligent PDUs where it wraps around the power cable and can tell you the draw of that PDU. The inline meter allows you to plug the PDU into the inline meter and then the inline meter into the outlet to get even more information.

The converged infrastructure system allows you to have a higher level conversation with your customer and allows you to be more of a partner with that customer, instead of just a contractor where you're doing an install. You can be more meaningful, win more jobs, and gain more mindshare with your customer.

[PDF] Panduit Converged Infrastructure Solutions Brochure

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