The Space-Saving Network Connectivity Solution: 28AWG Copper Cabling From Panduit

Panduit 28AWG Copper Cabling

Achieve More With Less

When it comes to steaks, bigger is definitely better. When it comes to network cables? Not so much. These days, data centers and telecommunication rooms house more equipment than ever, gobbling up valuable space. One way to claim more space and efficiency? Shrink the size of network cables. (While preserving network performance, of course.)

While traditional patch cords resemble a twisted-up jumble of cords, small-diameter patch cords are tight, compact, and sleek. So you’ll roll out more systems and services with the same footprint—without the need to expand the physical space.

Small Size, Big Performance

Like a black-belt Kung Fu champion, Panduit’s 28AWG Copper Cables are compact and powerful. With 28AWG Copper Cabling from Panduit, standard cable managers can hold more than double the number of cables. But don’t let their small size fool you: Panduit’s 28AWG Copper Cables are seriously powerful, making cable management faster and simpler than ever.

Compared to traditional Category 6A patch cords, 28AWG Copper Cables allow twice the amount of cords to be routed through cable managers and pathways. A reduced cable diameter also facilitates improved airflow and cooling, for lower operating costs. Plus, a tight bend radius enables improved cable routing and management in high-density applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact, flexible design—Tight bend radius, smaller cable diameter, and improved airflow and cooling
  • Meets all Category 6A requirements (including alien crosstalk)—100% performance tested for wire map, NEXT, and return loss
  • Integral pair manager—Optimizes performance and consistency by reducing untwist at plug
  • Patented, tangle-free latch—Prevents snags and provides easy release, saving time on frequent moves, adds, and changes
  • Identification label—Provides identification of performance level, length, and quality control number for traceability
  • Robust construction—Plug contact is plated with 50 micro-inches of gold and rated to 2,500 mating cycles
  • Variety of cable colors and lengths—Meets individual length and color-coding requirements
  • Plug lock-in devices (optional)—Prevent unauthorized or unintended removal of patch cords
[PDF] Panduit 28AWG Cat 6A UTP Patch Cords Spec Sheet
Panduit 28AWG Infographic

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