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Panduit and Graybar provide everything you need to bundle, route, protect, terminate and identify network cabling.

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  • [VID] Remove Uncertainty on Terminating Fiber with Panduit's OptiCam II Termination Tool

    Panduit's new OptiCam II Termination Tool has been redesigned from the ground up to make terminations faster and easier, and also to remove all uncertainty and doubt that contractors have terminated a fiber connector correctly.


  • Your One-Stop Shop for Facility Safety Compliance: Panduit's Facility Identification Solutions

    In hazardous production environments, compliance with safety standards is a major concern. A violation could lead to serious injuries, fatalities, and hefty fines. To meet ANSI and OSHA requirements and protect workers from needless risk, a comprehensive safety strategy is key. With 8,200+ industrial safety products and counting, Panduit has you covered.


  • Panduit Universal Network Zone System

    The Panduit Universal Network Zone System is designed to rapidly deploy an industrial Ethernet network between the enterprise and plant floor with a reliable, structured approach that reduces installation time and lifecycle costs. Copper/fiber connectivity, cable management, grounding and power options are included to provide a switch-ready solution delivering up to 75% faster implementation. A variety of sizes, materials and configurations are available to work with most DIN mount industrial switches.


  • Connect your Enterprise with Innovative Solutions for Maximum Performance

    Whatever your application, Panduit offers a cabling systems that will deliver the bandwidth and performance you need, with innovative features that make installing and managing your network a breeze.


  • The Completely Integrated Fiber System: Panduit HD Flex 2.0 Fiber Cabling System

    Remember dial-up internet that took eons to load? Today, that idea is almost comical. Soon we’ll expect signals to go to space and back in a second flat. As data rates increase, so does the need for fiber-optic connectivity. Today’s data centers need solutions that maximize ROI, are easy to service, and scale into the future. Panduit's HD Flex™ fiber cabling system was built for high-fiber density environments.


  • Power & Future-Proof Your Network—The Smart Way: Panduit Smart Control Panel Solutions

    Panel shops, engineering firms, machine builders, and system integrators are pressured to speed production and control costs—all while maintaining quality, system availability, and reliability. Built for the most demanding requirements and applications, Panduit’s Smart Control Panel Solutions were designed with the broadest range of options. Save valuable panel space, mitigate disruptions due to electrical/mechanical noise, power and future proof your network, and improve reliability.


  • Panduit Converged Infrastructure Solution

    Panduit's Converged Infrastructure Solution allows you to be focused more on the IT environment and less on integrating the components within the physical infrastructure of the data center. This system involves the design of the data center, the procurement of everything, the implementation of the physical infrastructure, and the operations of everything when it's all complete.


  • Save Space, Without Sacrificing Performance: Panduit’s High-Density Telecom Room Solutions

    When space is at a premium, telecom equipment and facilities are forced to share the same quickly disappearing real estate. This makes it challenging to install new equipment, let alone manage current systems. But with space-saving cable-management and connectivity systems from Panduit, you’ll reduce your equipment footprint and lower installation, maintenance, and material costs—no matter what the future brings.


  • Panduit Enterprise Preferred Parts North America

    Panduit Enterprise Networks provide the industry’s most comprehensive and holistic portfolio of products and services that enable sustainable, energy-efficient enterprises. This catalog features the most common offering for an enterprise physical infrastructure deployment. Download today»


  • [VID] Coming Soon: The Future of Copper Cat 8 Systems from Panduit

    Panduit has done a lot of other innovations in the copper area, such as space optimization: small gauge patch cords, standard Cat6, 28 gauge Cat6 and 6A versions really free up a lot of space and are easy to work with.


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