In-Line GFCI Products Keep Personnel Safe in Temporary Wiring Installations

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Questions recently have been raised regarding GFCI protection for temporary power sources – especially, "Is GFCI protection required only for utility-supplied power, or is it also required for power supplied by on-site generators?" The answer: both situations require GFCI protection, according to Section 590.6 of the National Electrical Code.*

Molex 15050-3TTM

Count on Graybar and Molex for the broadest, most complete line of GFCI products for electricians, plant maintenance personnel, service technicians, generator suppliers and rental businesses. Woodhead® GFCI product solutions include molded, industrial-duty or Watertite® plugs and connectors and flying leads, as well as multiple circuit outlet box and tri-tap designs.

[PDF] Molex GFCI Selection Guide

Features at a Glance

Molex 15053W-2A
  • A variety of plug, connector and flying lead options accommodate a wide range of voltages and currents
  • Enclosure ratings of NEMA 3R, 4X, 6P and general-duty allow you to match a GFCI to particular environmental conditions
  • Choose manual reset to work with power tool applications, and select auto reset for lighting and temperature control settings
  • The Woodhead GFCI system will not delatch under rough service (a common occurrence for mechanically latched devices), preventing nuisance-tripping of the GFCI contacts
  • The heavy-duty GFCI outlook box is offered in a molded NEōTEX® rubber with non-metallic or rubber coated metal cover plates, accommodating two single or two duplex receptacles
  • GFCI products feature an open-neutral sensing relay for detecting and preventing operation under life-threatening conditions
  • Woodhead GFCI solutions are available with portable workstations and drop-down pendant box for application flexibility
  • Should a GFCI failure occur, power will remain off, keeping the operator safe

* The Receptacles on 15kW or less Portable Generators section of the 2011 NEC specification specifically states that "All 125-volt and 125/250-volt, single-phase, 15-, 20-, and 30-ampere receptacle outlets that are part of a 15kW or smaller portable generator shall have listed ground fault-interrupter protection for personnel. Listed cord sets or devices incorporating listed ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection for personnel identified for portable use shall be permitted for use with 15kW or less portable generators manufactured or remanufactured prior to January 1, 2011."