MTP® Fiber Assemblies

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MTP® installations have evolved as the new standard for high bandwidth installations in compact spaces. In keeping with this progression, Mohawk has expanded its Open Architecture product family with MTP® Multi Fiber Assemblies constructed and delivered to you in 48 hours on stock fiber cables.

Why MTP assemblies? MTP connectors are small form factor high density fiber connectors. The MTP was introduced as 12 fibers across the connector face to support 6 duplex channels and have evolved to accommodate 24, 48 and even 72 fibers in rows of 12 across the same end face footprint. This extremely dense fiber count across a small footprint saves valuable data center port allocation space and installation cost savings through its “Plug n- Play” attributes.

What MTP assemblies are available? Mohawk assemblies are available with Loose Tube OFNP (Plenum), Armored, Outside Plant and Indoor/Outdoor fiber cables with MTP®, LC and SC connectors. You customize the assembly by choosing the fiber grade, fiber count and length needed for your project.

48 Hour shipments: Mohawk offers 48 hour shipments for the most common fiber types and counts. 50/125 (OM3) OFNP in 12, 24 and 48 fiber counts and SMF (OS2) OFNP in 12 and 24 fiber counts are available for 48 hour delivery. When you place your order and receive an order confirmation by noon, the assemblies will ship within 48 hours. Other cable types and fiber counts are also available including Interlock Armor OFCP and OSP. Fiber types available in OM1, OM2 OM3, OM4 and SMF OS2. Consult your Mohawk representative for details and lead times.


Are Mohawk’s MTP assemblies warranted? Mohawk offers a standard one year Warranty on all products including MTP Fiber Assemblies. For long term performance assurance Mohawk offers our ChannelMATE™ 25 year extended warranty. This warranty is offered with any Mohawk cable/assembly installed by one of our experienced Mohawk Accredited Contractors (MAC’s). Our MAC’s provide expert installation services and the peace of mind that comes with a standards based solution.

What do Mohawk’s MTP Assemblies deliver? Guaranteed <0.35 dB Insertion Loss (IL) MTP performance. Our assemblies are built by experts to ensure your signal power will not be disrupted at the receiving end of the cabling link. Compare Mohawk’s performance to that allowed by the TIA 568-C.3 standard below:

Mohawk OptiLite™ Assemblies and Products Brochure

An overview of cassettes and enclosures for Mohawk MTP® Solutions.

TIA 568C.3 Standard Connector
Performance Requirement

Connector Multimode Singlemode
MTP .75 dB <-20 dB .75 dB <-26 dB
LC .75 dB <-20 dB .75 dB <-26 dB
SC .75 dB <-20 dB .75 dB <-26 dB


Mohawk Standard Connector Performance

Connector Multimode Singlemode
MTP .35 dB <-25 dB .60 dB <-60 dB
LC .25 dB <-30 dB .25 dB <-57 dB
SC .25 dB <-30 dB .25 dB <-57 dB

How do I create an assembly part number? To build a part number specific for your project, use the following part number configurator:

Glass Type + Cable Design + Fiber Count + Connector A + Connector B + Pulling Eye + Length

You then choose from the following options to build your assembly:

Mohawk MTP chart

Assemblies with part numbers beginning with CV12, CV24, CV48, WV12, and WV24 have a guaranteed 48-hour ship turn-around time if the order is placed before noon EST. Quantity limitations may apply. If you have any questions regarding turnaround or building assembly part numbers, call your local Graybar representative.

Does Mohawk offer MTP cassettes? Yes, Mohawk has the following cassettes available for purchase:

Type Mohawk Part Number
12-Fiber LC OM3/OM4 CAS12LMM
12-Fiber SC OM3/OM4 CAS12SMM
12-Fiber LC OM3/OM4 CAS24LMM
12-Fiber LC OS2 CAS12LSM
12-Fiber SC OS2 CAS12SSM
24-Fiber LC OS2 CAS24LSM


[PDF] Mohawk Master Catalog
[PDF] Mohawk Fiber Solutions Brochure
[PDF] Mohawk OptiLite™ Assemblies and Products Brochure