Mohawk and Graybar

Mohawk was established in 1952 as a manufacturer of wire and cable products including LAN, composite and fiber optic cables. They were acquired by Intercole, Inc. in March 1986. Intercole became Cable Design Technologies Corporation (CDT), which was incorporated on May 18, 1988. CDT merged with Belden Inc. in July 2004, becoming Belden CDT, one of the largest U.S.-based manufacturers of high-speed electronic cables. Since then, the CDT has been dropped from the name, and Mohawk's parent company is now known as Belden, Inc.

Headquartered in Worcester, Massachusetts, Mohawk has been providing fiber and copper cable innovations for over 50 years. An ISO 9001 certified company, Mohawk develops products to meet and support TIA/EIA, ISO/IEC, ICEA and NEMA standards. Mohawk is supported with worldwide management, financial resources, and distribution capabilities of the global Belden operations.

Graybar is your source for all Mohawk copper and fiber solutions. With more than 260 distribution locations, Graybar delivers what you need when you need it.

Mohawk Fiber Optic Solutions
Today’s fast paced world places an unyielding burden on data centers to deliver high performance and protect sensitive information. To meet this challenge, Mohawk offers a wide range of fiber optic cable and assembly solutions for your high bandwidth network applications.

Mohawk’s cable products include single-mode, multi-mode, and hybrid options in a variety of grades and fiber counts. They also offer pre-terminated trunk and hybrid assemblies which can be customized based on your project requirements. Whatever your networking project calls for, Mohawk has the warranted fiber optic solutions for your long-term data transmission needs.

Mohawk fiber optic cables are available with fiber counts ranging from 1 to 144. They provide guaranteed link lengths to handle multi-gigabit transmission while maintaining full compatibility with existing FDDI-grade cable.

Pre-Terminated Assembly Offering With 48-Hour Shipping
Mohawk offers pre-terminated fiber optic assemblies, including MTP®, LC, and SC terminated products; some constructions featuring a 48-hour order-to-ship service. The constructions that qualify for the quick-turn shipping include assemblies made with 12 and 24-fiber OS2 and 12, 24, and 48-fiber OM3 cable. Receive your order confirmation before noon and your order will ship within two business days. Other assembly constructions are also offered with competitive lead times. Please contact your local Graybar sales representative for more details. All assembly work is completed in the United States and well exceeds the TIA standard for insertion loss with a guaranteed performance of <0.35 dB.

Mohawk News

  • MTP Fiber Assemblies

    MTP® installations have evolved as the new standard for high bandwidth installations in compact spaces. In keeping with this progression, Mohawk has expanded its Open Architecture product family with MTP® Multi Fiber Assemblies constructed and delivered to you in 48 hours on stock fiber cables.