Take Charge of Your Tools with ONE-KEY™ from Milwaukee

Milwaukee ONE-KEY Track Tools

Accountability for Your Inventory

What’s the easiest way to drive your project manager crazy? Tell them about the expensive tool that has been lost and must be replaced. Thankfully, an investment in ONE-KEY from Milwaukee makes this situation completely avoidable. ONE-KEY-compatible devices can sync information wirelessly to online and mobile devices, allowing you to track your tools and control their output and performance. Watch your replacement costs plummet as each and every tool is accounted for before, during, and after a lengthy project. With increased precision and control over powerful tools, users can prevent issues like overdriving, stripping, or breaking materials on the job.

Having trouble locating a lost tool? Expand your search with the help of anybody with the ONE-KEY app. By opting in, when any phone with the ONE-KEY app comes in within 100 ft of your tool, you will receive an updated location.

Tighten Your Budget by Tracking Your Tools

Contractors and project managers must always keep one eye on successful project completion and one eye on the bottom line. By using ONE-KEY for inventory management, costs drop and profits increase with the eliminated need for tool replacement. Mobile record-keeping helps to organize information and immediately address on-site challenges.

ONE-KEY tools are the most intelligent on the market, as four custom settings can be saved to a tool’s memory to replace factory presets. With a wireless range of up to 50 feet, contractors can work fluidly throughout the jobsite without worrying about losing connectivity and interrupting performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Sync information wirelessly with any ONE-KEY-compatible device
  • If tool is lost, alert can be sent when found
  • Organize information with online and mobile record-keeping
  • Save up to four custom settings to the tool’s memory
  • Wirelessly control tool’s output and performance
  • Customization of performance offers unmatched precision and consistency

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