Faster Than Corded, With The Strongest Magnetic Hold: The M18 FUEL™ 1-1/2' Magnetic Drill

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1 and half inch Magnetic Drill

The Strongest Magnetic Hold

Milwaukee makes drills like no other. With the industry’s highest-performing brushless motor, the M18 Fuel can handle extreme power output. FUEL brings the safest, strongest magnetic hold on quarter-inch steel, and an improved magnetic hold on other common materials. The M18 Fuel holds up well, drills beautifully and doesn’t slip or move. The magnet itself is independent, so you don’t need a generator or extension cord to keep the magnet engaged.

Driven To Perform

With all the power you need, you wouldn’t even know the M18 is battery-powered. With a full charge, you can get plenty of work out of the M18 Fuel. In fact, this puppy bangs out forty 13/16” holes per charge. Plus it’s quick, easy to maneuver, and the weight’s just right for one-man operation. Grab it and start drilling—just like that.

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[PDF] Milwaukee M18 FUEL Magnetic Drill Sell Sheet

Features and Benefits

  • POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor—Brings the power and speed needed to handle heavy loads
  • REDLINK™ PLUS Intelligence—Monitors the power delivery from battery to motor, for all-out performance
  • Permanent Magnet Technology—Operates without electricity and independently of a power source
  • Improved Magnetic Hold—The safest, strongest magnetic hold on quarter-inch steel. Improved magnetic hold on commonly encountered materials.
  • Alignment—Partial magnet mode allows for fast, easy alignment
  • Complete Most Remote Applications—No need for a cord
  • Increased Productivity—Eliminates the need to run cords and set up a generator
  • REDLITHIUM™ Batteries—The longest-lasting, most durable packs on the market
  • AUTOSTOP, Lift-off Detection—Internal sensor detects excess rotational motion, and automatically cuts power to the drill
  • Faster Accessory Set-Up & Optimized Speeds—Tool-free motor head adjustment, ¾” Weldon Quick Change Chuck and two-speed gear box