Powerful, Fast & Tough: M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 6T Utility Crimpers and Cutters

Milwaukee FORCE LOGIC 6T Utility Crimpers and Cutters

Built Lineman Tough

With the industry’s fastest crimp time, the M18 6T Crimper was built for lineman work. PFM™ technology protects internal components, and sealed electronics keep dirt and moisture out. Meanwhile… while competitive designs can’t cut common materials, the 6T Cutter is busy ripping right through guy wire, rebar, ground rod, copper, and aluminum. But that won’t slow it down. The 6T Cutter survives 1,000+ cuts, and Cu/AL blades survive 3,000+ cuts.

Ergonomic & Easy To Use

While competitive designs are front-heavy—straining the wrists and arms—the 6T Cutter is fully balanced. Plus, the 6T Crimper’s center-grip position allows for micro adjustment and alignment. So everything lines up the way it should.

Forget wasting your time looping or latching prior to making a cut. The 6T Cutter features a compact, open-jaw design that can go straight to the material. With a lightning-fast cut speed, the M18 6T Cutter powers right through 477 HEN ACSR in under three seconds.

Fast, Impressive Performance

With Predictive Force Monitoring (PFM)™ technology, the 6T Crimper measures pressure and modifies performance, delivering precision crimps every time. Meanwhile, competitive tools can’t react to changing factors in a crimp. Because you expect only the best, the 6T Crimper steps up the game.

Plus, the tool stores the date, time, and pressure of every crimp. With ONE KEY™, you can even create fancy, professional reports. With the batteries and hydraulic system optimized for performance in -18°C/0°F to 55°C/122°F, the 6T Crimper is right at home in harsh, subzero temperatures. (No parka needed.)

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M18 6T Cutter:

  • Best Power-To-Size Ratio—The only in-line, open-jaw cutter capable of cutting 477 HEN ACSR
  • Fastest Cut Time—Compact, open jaw delivers unparalleled cut speed
  • Optimized Jaw For Application—Rugged durability and optimal cut quality

M18 6T Crimper:

  • Built For Lineman—Hydraulic system, batteries, and protected electronics deliver long life
  • Razor-Sharp Accuracy—Hand position and PFM™ provides unrivaled accuracy and speed
  • Greatest Efficiency—Most accurate crimps, fastest crimp speed, and up to 4x longer life

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