Crimp With Speed, Power & Accuracy: The M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 600 MCM Crimper From Milwaukee

Milwaukee FORCE LOGIC 600 MCM Crimper

Are You Crimping With Confidence?

First-crimp placement is the difference between a good crimp and one that misses the mark. The trouble is, competitive designs are awkward and unwieldy, so operations is often a two-person job—one person to align the tool and one person to operate it.

To create a good connection, crimpers must also reach the correct pressure on every cycle. With competitive tools, monitoring pressure slows down operations. Other tools don’t signal when full pressure has been reached, and they don’t record date and time of crimps either. Plus, most tools and dies can only be used with certain connector brands.

Crimp Like You Mean It

In true Milwaukee style, the M18 FORCE LOGIC 600 MCM Crimper destroys the competition. For instant alignment, the 600 MCM Crimper is the only tool that holds the connector. This powerful crimper measures pressure and modifies performance levels accordingly, for added durability and precise crimps. The 600 MCM Crimper also stores date, time, and pressure of every crimp and signifies when full pressure is reached.

Plus, an in-line design allows you to access tight spaces and reset with just one thumb—improving accuracy and productivity. The 600 MCM Crimper holds its own in tough environments and can handle 90 percent of the commercial applications that 12T tools can. The M18 600 MCM crimper is also UL classified across all major connector manufacturers. With the M18 FORCE LOGIC 600 MCM Crimper, every step of the crimping process is fast and easy.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Delivers unparalleled accuracy and speed
  • Instant alignment, single-handed operation, and faster repetitive crimps
  • Predictive Force Monitoring measures pressure and modifies all performance levels, for added durability, speed, and precision
  • Fully balanced in-line design, for easy access in tight panels
  • Compatible with REDLITHIUM™ batteries, for more run-time, recharges, and reliability than the competition
  • Compatible with ONE-KEY Tool Reporting, providing one-touch wireless syncing, performance data, and reporting capability
[PDF] Milwaukee Force Logic 600 MCM Crimper Sell Sheet

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