Video: Contractors Save Installation Time With Lutron Maestro Switch

Introducing Lutron’s new Maestro in wall 0-10-volt dimmer sensor. This product will save the contractor time on installation because they can install one single wall box solution without a separate power pack. The Maestro switch will do both occupancy or vacancy sensing. It will dim the lights, the 0-10-volt fixtures.

There is mis-wire detection built into the sensor. This gives the contractor the confidence that they do the job right the first time. So if they mis-wire on the installation, the sensor will flash and alert them that they mis-wired the fixture. It will still operate as a switch but it will let them know that it is mis-wired so they can fix it before they leave. It also has smart ambient protection built in so as a customer uses the light or the occupancy sensor in the space when they walk in, if they feel there’s enough light in the space, they can turn the sensor off. The sensor will learn their preference and remember the amount of light and adjust accordingly the next time. This can save the customer more and more energy. You can also set a high and low-end trim on this sensor as well.

Another nice feature is the button press LED control. This saves time in installation. The contractor can set occupancy or vacancy, their time out and sensitivity from this button.

Another product to introduce is the 0-10-volt power pack controller. So if you’re installing a 0-10-volt fixture in the ceiling and you don’t want to run wire down the wall, you can install a power pack up in the ceiling. You could also put a wireless occupancy sensor on the ceiling and that will talk to the fixture in the ceiling and it will control the occupancy and vacancy of that. So it can be a quicker installation because once you’re up in the ceiling wiring the fixtures, you wire the 0-10-volt back to that power pack then put the wireless occupancy sensor and save the time of wiring. You can add one of Lutron’s wireless Picos to the wall and still do dimming from there.

Lutron has some very nice, new 0-10-volt controls to help you and your customers save energy, install the job easily and quickly with the new Maestro in-wall wireless sensor dimmer and the 0-10-volt wireless power pack.