A Revolutionary Fluorescent Fixture Retrofit Solution

Zipline™ Fixture Assembly Solution from Leviton and Graybar is a product that virtually eliminates wiring and speeds up the installation process. It's the fastest, easiest and most flexible retrofit system available, and the most cost-effective, too.

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Zipline Fixture Assembly Solution truly is a revolution in high efficiency fluorescent fixture manufacturing. With Zipline, the ballast and lampholders on both sides are fully integrated into a single assembly that installs in seconds. You'll cut conversion time since Zipline replaces up to three separate operations per fixture — socket wiring, socket installation and ballast installation/wiring. (A three-lamp fixture retrofit requires 12-14 wiring points, plus the installation of six sockets, two metal socket bars and a metal ballast cover.) More conversions per hour means less time on the job site – and significant labor cost savings.

The Zipline fixture assembly solution is transversely mounted into a one-piece molded lampholder assembly, so there is no need for a socket mounting bracket or fixture-length ballast cover. The optional reflector enhances fixture efficiency and installs quickly and easily without the use of tools.

In addition, Zipline can slash costs and increase operational efficiencies. You can order the connected ballast and socket bracket as a single part, consolidating a long list of separate SKUs, simplifying warehousing, reducing the number of small parts in installation and streamlining procurement. Also, because Zipline's ballast and lampholders are integrated and prewired, there's less chance for error, such as miswiring, wires falling out of sockets in the process and shunt/non-shunt socket misapplications.

Leviton Zipline Fluorescent Retrofit Solution

Zipline features and benefits: cuts retrofit time in half-or more. Replaces 9 separate components plus wiring with only 2 individual components and no wiring. Retrofit twice as many fixtures in the same amount of time. Now that's working smarter.

Out in the field, repairing fluorescent fixtures incorporating the Zipline solution is extremely simple and fast. You can replace either side of the assembly in minutes – no need to remove ballast covers, cut or splice wires, rewire sockets or disassemble socket bars. And you can be sure replacement parts will be readily available.

Typical Energy Reductions with T8 Ballasts

T8 ballasts offer exceptional lighting efficiency and significant cost savings over older T12 ballasts. By upgrading to T8 ballasts, facilities typically see a 55-70 percent reduction in energy use.

Leviton Zipline

Ask your Graybar representative for all the facts about the revolutionary, time- and money-saving Zipline Fixture Retrofit Solution.

Value-Added Features

  • The Zipline ballast can drive lamp types T8/32W, T8/30W, T8/28W at an average of 80 lumens/watt. By upgrading from T12 to T8 ballasts, facilities typically see a 55-70 percent reduction in energy use.
  • A two-lamp, 28 watt ZipLine system configuration can replace a 4-lamp T12 configuration and provide equal or superior lumen performance with energy savings of up to 70 percent.
  • The entire assembly is installed using four self-tapping screws. A single push-in wire connection is provided for connection to the non-ballasted side.
  • Versatile Zipline is available in 2-, 3- and 4-lamp versions with ballast fixture options.
  • Can be sold with or without a reflector that hooks onto tabs on the Zipline units – no tools required.
  • Available in white – 92 percent and specular (silver) 95 percent reflectivity.
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