Leviton VerifEye™ Series 3300 and 3500 Meters

Leviton VerifEye Series 3300 and 3500 Meters

The Leviton Series 3300 Meter is a revenue-grade kWh electrical meter featuring Time of Use (TOU) meter readings, per-phase meter data, and a user-friendly LCD display. The Series 3300 Meter is designed for use on both 3-phase, 3-wire (Delta) and 3-phase, 4-wire (WYE) circuits, and features an auto-ranging voltage input for use across all typical commercial and industrial applications. Offering a full range of electrical parameter measurement—kVA and kVAR, PF, per phase voltage, etc., this meter is ideally suited to commercial and industrial applications where advanced communications protocols are demanded.

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[PDF] Leviton Series 3300 Meter Kits Data Sheet
[PDF] Leviton Series 3500 Meter Kits Data Sheet