Leviton: Safe Sensing for Wash Down Applications

Leviton Safe Sensing for Wash Down Applications

Bring wet locations up to code with compliant occupancy sensors. Many manufacturing, industrial and warehouse applications, such as supermarket meat departments, food processing plants and parking garages, require extensive wash downs for safety and sanitary purposes. These applications are normally high ceilinged and, due to their size and commercial usage, must comply with ASHRAE 90.1 and Title 24 occupancy sensing requirements​ for building compliance.

Occupancy sensors used in these applications must be able to accurately track occupancy from high fixture mounts, while also withstanding the rigorous demands of a wash down environment. Leviton’s OSFHW Fixture Mount PIR High Bay Wet Location Occupancy Sensor was designed to withstand wash down applications and installs directly to industrial fluorescent luminaires or electrical junction boxes for high bay occupancy sensing.

[PDF] Leviton OSFHW Fixture Bay Wet Location Occupancy Sensor

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