Leviton's Rhino-Hide Single Pole Connectors and Receptacles: Tough, Safe and Cost Effective

Leviton Rhino Hide Single Pole Connectors

In Tough Applications, Safety & Efficiency Matters

To freely move from site to site, land-based drilling rigs must be disassembled into small components. The large electrical cables that power rig components need to be quickly and safely disconnected and connected. For those who construct, support, and operate land-based drilling rigs, efficiency, safety, and productivity is crucial. And Leviton’s rugged Rhino-Hide Single Pole Connectors and Receptacles deliver on all fronts.

Single Pole Connectors & Receptacles That Deliver

The high performance TPV utilized in Rhino-Hide connectors delivers better UV stability than competitive products, for reduced color fading and protection of personnel and equipment. Since color coding serves as an important electrical-phase identifier, the chances of accidentally connecting a cable to the wrong phase is greatly reduced. TPV pulls its weight in a range of tough environments, with greater cold-weather performance than similar materials in competitive products.

The receptacle ground system for Rhino-Hide Single Pole Receptacles incorporates a mounting bolt/ground pin. (No need for a separate ground pin and additional panelboard space.) The ground pin accepts a standard 15 Series cam connector, eliminating the need for a proprietary or hard-wired ground connection. This reduces overall cost, and speeds assembly and disassembly of the drilling rig.

The Rhino-Hide Single Pole Connectors also feature molded-in guides that speed up and simplify assembly—a critical factor in minimizing downtime.

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  • Delivers up to 1,000 Volts AC or DC and up to 1,135 Amps of continuous power in the most extreme conditions
  • Accepts cables ranging in size from 313 MCM to 777 MCM
  • Contacts are silver-plated and machined from high-conductivity copper alloy, for corrosion resistance and superior conductivity
  • UV stable TPV insulators resist fading and cracking, for greater service life
  • Patented receptacle ground pin reduces electrical noise and costly downtime
  • Color coded for quick, visual identification of circuit and phase connections
  • Compact format allows for greater density on space-restricted panelboards
  • Connectors mate with other manufacturers’ high-amperage, single-pole connectors and receptacles for fast, easy change-out