Fast Installation or Quality Assurance? Get Both with Leviton Pre-Terminated Copper and Fiber Network Solutions

How many times have you had to choose between fast installation and quality assurance on a data center job? You can count on both with Pre-Terminated Copper and Fiber Solutions from Leviton Network Solutions and Graybar.

Leviton MTP to MTP Trunk

Leviton pre-terminated systems and components are designed for rapid deployment. With no need for field terminations or splices, you can cut installation time by up to 75 percent! Plus, pre-terminated solutions are 100 percent factory tested for out-of-the-box dependability. Test results are even included with every shipment so you can be sure of guaranteed performance.

Factory terminated, tested and warrantied, Leviton copper trunk cable assemblies are the perfect solution for data centers and other installations where time is of the essence. All assemblies are custom-configured in pre-engineered lengths with connectors that fit the specific requirements of each application. Individual cables are bundled into a cohesive trunk assembly; the included pulling eye protects terminations during shipment to ensure "snag-free" installation.

In addition, Leviton pre-terminated copper trunk connectors utilize Leviton's patented Retention Force Technology for consistent system reliability. Terminated ends are offered in either a staggered or even cut. For ultimate convenience, each trunk assembly is identified with a unique serial number, with individual cables numbered relative to that serial number. Custom labeling also is available.

Leviton 40 100G MTP System

Fiber solutions by Leviton are also factory terminated and ship with minimal lead times. Many utilize best-in-class MTP® multi-fiber connectors. Choose standard configurations or customize through Leviton's "Make-to-Order" program, offering customized cable assemblies for fiber and cable type, fiber count, connector, breakout leg types, overall and breakout length, and more. Following are just two of dozens of advanced fiber network solutions from Leviton:

Opt-X® Unity 40/100G Fiber System

Designed to meet the growing demand for higher-speed Ethernet, Leviton Network Solutions offers the first 24-fiber MTP cabling system that supports 100GbE network speeds: The Opt-X Unity 40/100G fiber system. This innovative system offers twice as much density in fiber enclosures than traditional 12-fiber cabling, fewer cable pathways and improved air flow in data centers.

In addition to the Opt-X Unity 40/100G LOMM Module, the system includes pre-terminated trunks, harnesses and array cords.

Other system details include:

  • Trunks available in both 12- and 24-fiber connections
  • Harnesses and array cords are available in 8-, 12- and 24-fiber connections
  • Modules available with 12- or 24-fiber MTP connectors on the back that break out to duplex LC connectors or 8-fiber MTP connectors on the front, in OM3 and OM4 fiber types 

Opt-X Ultra® Enclosures

Leviton's Opt-X Ultra Fiber Rack-Mount Enclosure is the essential enclosure for fiber networks applications. It's designed to offer minimum rack space in a frame or cabinet setting, yet it's loaded with innovative features such as transparent, removable doors and chassis, easy-glide removable sliding tray, magnified label holders, stackable and adjustable fiber management rings, strain-relief brackets and bend radius guides. The 17-inch depth allows for high-density fiber termination and/or splicing.

Stylish yet sturdy, constructed with a distinctive tinted polycarbonate and 16-gauge powder-coated steel case, these enclosures can store up to three meters of 900-micron tight buffered fiber per adapter.

Innovative copper and fiber network solutions start with Leviton. For complete information, please contact your Graybar representative.

Leviton Opt-X Ultra