Industrial Grade SmartlockPro® Pilot Light GFCI Receptacles

Industrial Grade SmartlockPro Pilot Light GFCI Receptacles

Leviton Pilot Light GFCI receptacles provide added safety in commercial and industrial environments. These devices are built on a new, industrial grade platform featuring a longer wraparound strap for added stability and an engineered polymer face cover that stands up to physical abuse as well as cleaners and solvents.

The single receptacle is ideal for use on dedicated circuits intended for single pieces of equipment, such as refrigerators or freezers, where there is a need to prevent circuit overload while at the same time providing GFCI protection (as per the National Electrical Code). The tamper-resistant shutters provide an additional layer of safety by minimizing the chance of foreign objects coming in contact with live contacts.

A large, energy efficient LED pilot light provides a clear indication of power status at the receptacle face – an industry exclusive feature only found on Leviton Pilot Light GFCI receptacles. This is ideal for identifying specific circuits, serving as a guide light in dimly lit or hard to reach areas, or as a quick visual indication that power to the receptacle is available.

These receptacles are easy to install as well. New external wiring clamps speed wiring and provide an easier verification of proper termination. And the slim profile provides more room for wires in the wall box.

Additional safety features include feed-through terminal screw covers that protect unused terminals from incidental contact.

As part of the SmartlockPro family, the pilot light GFCI receptacles feature a patented reset lockout protection in the event of miswiring or failure, improved immunity to electrical noise reducing false tripping, and advanced electronics that resist power surges and over-voltages, improving service life.

Leviton Pilot Light GFCI receptacles are available in 15A and 20A, 125V configurations, in a variety of standard colors.

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Features at a glance:

  • Industrial grade design withstands the rigors of harsh environments
  • Patented SmartlockPro technology meets or exceeds UL requirements for tripping time, and prevents power to the receptacle if GFCI protection is compromised
  • Energy efficient LED pilot light provides clear indication of power at the receptacle
  • Single receptacle prevents overload of dedicated circuits
  • Fast wiring features make it quicker and easier to install or replace