Leviton Opt-X® HD Fiber Enclosure System

Leviton Opt-X HD Fiber Enclosure System

For data center and enterprise IT managers, Leviton offers the right solution at the right time – as rack space is limited, yet network expansion becomes a pressing priority. The Opt-X HD Fiber Enclosure System includes high-density Opt-X cassettes, adapter plates and 1RU and 2RU enclosures. Together, these components increase port density without increasing rack space. In fact, the system can add up to 33 percent more density using LC connectors and as much as 50 percent more density using MTP. The system establishes a scalable platform for fast, simple network expansion today and in the future. Administrators can efficiently migrate to 10, 40 and 100 Gbps transmission speeds when used with compatible Opt-X components.

The Opt-X Ultra HD and Opt-X 1000i HD enclosures feature sliding trays and built-in cable management rings for easy, convenient installation and maintenance. For efficient retrofitting, sliding trays are also available separately so existing Opt-X Ultra HD and 1000i enclosures will accept Opt-X cassettes and adapter plates. Pre-terminated, pre-tested Opt-X fiber MTP cassettes fit into the enclosures, and come in 12- and 24-fiber configurations. Pass-through adapter plates are available in MTP, LC or SC styles and allow up to 144 fiber configurations.

Adapter plates allow for easy, one-hand installation, making network expansion as simple as adding a cassette. A 1RU enclosure accommodates as many as 8 cassettes and up to 1,152 fibers.

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Leviton Opt-X HD Fiber Enclosure System Capacities:

1RU Enclosure

  • With LC connectors: 96 fibers
  • With 12-fiber MTP connectors: 576 fibers
  • With 24-fiber MTP connectors: 1,152 fibers

2RU Enclosure

  • With LC connectors: 192 fibers
  • With 12-fiber MTP connectors: 1,152 fibers
  • With 24-fiber MTP connectors: 2,304 fibers
  • Straight or staggered terminations


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