Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls

Graybar simplifies energy management. One of the easiest ways to save energy is to simply turn off lights and equipment when not in use. Automatic sensors, timers, dimmers and schedulers can help manage your lighting and equipment. Daylighting controls take advantage of natural lighting and improve the commercial space while reducing energy usage.

Graybar offers a wide variety of energy code compliant solutions to meet stringent ASHRAE 90.1, California Title 24 and IECC requirements. Eliminate the burden of use from occupants with easy-to-install controls that adjust and maintain lighting levels with set-and-forget convenience. Graybar makes it easy to design a location with a tailored energy code compliant system to meet any facility’s unique needs for automatic shut-off, level control, dimming, advanced daylight zone control, plug load/receptacle control, site lighting, signage control, load disaggregation and demand response capabilities.

Benefit from:

  • Reduced energy and operating costs
  • Improved overall occupant satisfaction and productivity
  • Energy code compliance

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