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Leviton Network Solutions manufactures high-performance data connectivity for customers around the globe, including complete network infrastructure systems for the enterprise, data center, government, education, healthcare and residential markets. The division's solutions include cutting-edge fiber optic and copper systems, PDUs, and customized make-to-order products. All Leviton products are engineered to exacting standards, offer industry-leading performance, and are backed by the industry's best customer service and technical support.

Latest News and Articles


  • [VID] Demonstration of Leviton's Cat 8 System

    At BICSI 2017, Leviton demonstrated a working Cat 8 channel with Leviton connectivity, including the connectors themselves and the patch cords with Berk-Tek cable. The test was run on the new Fluke Networks Versiv field tester. According to those at BICSI, this the only working RJ45 Cat 8 system at the show.


  • [VID] Leviton Tap Modules Fit in HDX or UHDX Enclosures

    Leviton Network Solutions' new Tap Module fits into either HDX or UHDX enclosures, which you can get up to 144 fibers into one RU.


  • A Robust, Flexible Solution for Multimedia Applications

    The Leviton Multimedia Outlet System (MOS) is a versatile wallplate solution with front-loading modules that provide a clean and flexible system for integrating voice, data, audio and video into one wallplate. Ideal for applications like health care, education, enterprise and government buildings, the front-loading capability makes the system easy to install, maintain and update.


  • Custom Make-to-Order Program

    For electrical contractors and installers, extra time and labor means higher costs. No job or network need is the same, so why rely on piecemeal, one-size-fits-all solutions? Leviton provides online custom configurators for a variety of fiber and copper connectivity. This translates into a unique solution that fits your exact needs for each network—quickly and easily.


  • Leviton's Rapid Results: eXtreme Cat 6 Jacks and the Fluke Networks JackRapid Tool

    Save valuable time and money with Leviton’s eXtreme Cat 6 Jacks and JackRapid installation tool. This simple solution for installers allows for consistent cable termination in under 20 seconds; the JackRapid tool seats and cuts all wires at once for this jaw-dropping speed. Available in a variety of colors and with the possibility of a bulk discount, the eXtreme Cat 6 Jacks are a perfect fit for your datacomm installation.


  • The Scalable, Easy-Install Solution For Mission-Critical Networks: Atlas-X1 Connector From Leviton

    With easy network installation, industry-leading performance, and total scalability, the Leviton Atlas-X1 UTP Connector was built with you and your customers in mind. Tool-free termination means installers won’t spend hours on tedious, repetitive tasks. The Atlas-X1 is easily scalable for migrations up to 40GBASE-T, and delivers the highest level of verified performance and reliability. That means fast deployment and exceptional versatility. Read more.


  • The Fast and Easy All-in-One Wallplate: Leviton’s QuickPlate Tempo Single-Gang Wallplate

    Fast, effective, and durable - that’s what you want from your wallplate. Leviton offers all that and more with the QuickPlate Tempo Single-Gang Wallplate, an efficient solution for contractors that eliminates the need for extra tools and components like boxes and mounting brackets. You’ll save time and money on your workspace installations with this easy all-in-one solution. Read more.


  • [VID] AV Control with 3 Inputs from Leviton Network Solutions

    The Leviton Network Systems expanded ITVA AV Control system has an autoswitching wall plate that allows you to put in three inputs: two HDMI and one VGA, and autoswitch among them.


  • Connectivity That Goes The Distance: Leviton's HDMI Signal Extender

    The demand for high-definition audio and video drives the need for reliable connectivity. But HDMI connections are heavy, inflexible, difficult to pull, and are limited in distance and conduit size. They’re also expensive, especially at longer lengths. Leviton’s HDBaseT™ Certified System changes the game altogether. With Leviton’s HDMI Signal Extender, you’ll extend HDMI signals up to 100 meters over a single category cable. Now we’re talking.


  • [VID] Save Rack Space in the Most Ultra-Dense Environments with Leviton Network Solutions

    Ideal for a wide range of comm/data​ applications, the Leviton Opt-X® UHDX high-density 1RU Angled Panel provides open access to cords and trunks, eliminating the need for cable mangers.


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