Leviton Lev-Lok® Modular Wiring Devices

Leviton Lev-Lok Modular Wiring Devices

Installing and changing out wiring devices is faster, safer and more efficient than ever with Lev-Lok Modular Wiring Devices. The savings for installers begins at the rough-in stage; the modular design eliminates the need to make and install pigtails. Instead, the wiring module installs quickly and easily with pre-stripped leads. A circuit ID label makes it easy to identify modules and makes installation easy enough regardless of whether the installer is a first-year apprentice, a seasoned journeyman or master electrician. The wiring device installs to the module with a simple push-and-twist motion that locks it in place for a reliable, safe connection; then, installers simply place the device into the electrical box and tighten the mounting screws. In all, Lev-Lok installation time is up to three times faster than traditional wiring.

Lev-Lok is the perfect productivity solution for electrical construction and maintenance applications. Because the installation is easy and intuitive, installers can assign apprentices to complete the work and maximize labor on the job. The intuitive connection system virtually assures correct connections and reduces rework and callbacks. The module has no exposed contacts, making it possible to power up at any time to test circuits and to change out the module without disabling the circuit. Maintenance professionals can change out devices quickly and safely without costly downtime.

Receptacles are offered in standard, tamper-resistant, isolated ground, and GFCI versions and switches are offered in standard toggle, tamper-resistant toggle, and illuminated toggle versions for a variety of commercial applications. Wiring modules and receptacles can be ordered in a range of colors for easy circuit identification.

For more information on Lev-Lok, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

Features of Lev-Lok

  • Installs up to 3 times faster
  • Pre-stripped leads install quickly and easily
  • No exposed contacts increases safety and eliminates downtime
  • Clearly marked unlock/lock connection makes installing wiring devices a snap
  • Circuit ID labels available in additional colors for identifying isolated and emergency ground circuits
  • Finish by tightening mounting screws