The Musty-Basement-Approved Ventilation System: Humidity Sensor & Fan Control From Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Leviton Humidity Sensor and Fan Control

Reduce Condensation The Smart Way

Leviton’s Humidity Sensor and Fan Control conveniently reduces condensation in high-humidity areas, like bathrooms and basements. To lessen the occurrence of pesky mold and mildew, the Humidity Sensor and Fan Control automatically detects excess humidity and responds by powering on the ventilation fan. The sensor continues to monitor the air, and automatically turns off the ventilation fan when the humidity level has dropped.

The humidity sensor and fan control can be set to “air cycle” mode, for areas requiring periodic ventilation on a continual basis—like damp basements or home spas. Simply adjust the Humidity Sensor and Fan Control time-out setting by rotating the dials found under the face of the device.

Intelligent, Energy-Efficient Operation

Since the fan only operates when needed, the Humidity Sensor and Fan Control is an energy-efficient solution. In fact, the device's built-in humidistat control meets CALGREEN and CA 24 requirements for indoor air quality and exhaust. The Humidity Sensor and Fan Control is designed to fit in a standard wall box and requires a neutral wire for operation. With screw terminals, installation’s a walk in the park.

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Features and Benefits

  • Built-in timer which sets the “minimum ON time” for the ventilation fan
  • The sensor continues to operate the fan for the minimum set time or until humidity drops
  • To prevent false cycling, the user can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor
  • The device can be manually turned on by simply pressing the fan icon
  • Provides adjustable humidity set points (a requirement of CALGREEN and CA Title 24)
  • Replaces a single-pole switch for control of ventilation fan or a fan/light combination
  • Compatible with incandescent, LED, CFL, and fluorescent lighting loads
  • Requires a neutral wire for operation
  • Can be used with existing or new ventilation bath fans up to 1/6 HP, 3 Amp motor
  • Screw terminals provide easy installation
  • Compatible with Decora® and Decora Plus™ wallplates
  • Available in White, Ivory, and Light Almond

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