Optimum Lighting Choices with Today's Dimmer Technology

SureSlide® and IllumaTech® Universal Dimmers

Leviton Universal Dimmers

As lighting technology evolves, LED and CFL lamps are more commonly being used, and when paired with a dimmer, can save in excess of 75 percent of energy compared to equivalent incandescent light sources.

However, most dimmers found in homes today were designed to control incandescent lamps, and when used with dimmable LEDs or CFLs, may not provide the performance that is expected. A number of issues that may occur include reduced dimming range, flickering or fluttering of the lamp and inconsistent performance based on the number and assortment of lamps being controlled by one incandescent dimmer.

Leviton's SureSlide® and IllumaTech® Universal Dimmers are designed to optimize the performance with dimmable LEDs, dimmable CFLs and incandescent lamps. They offer smooth operation for precise dimming, low level starting and flicker-free operation as well as easy installation because no neutral wire is required. This eliminates the need for contractors to pull a neutral wire in retrofit applications and provides a less expensive solution to an electronic low voltage dimmer.

Two styles afford optimum choices in dimmable lighting control with single pole/three-way functionality. The IllumaTech model has three colors in one box to reduce inventory at the distributor and contractor level. Leviton's Universal Dimmers offer one solution for multiple applications.

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Leviton Chart Lamp Power vs. Dimming Level

Features at a Glance

  • 600W incandescent, 150W LED and CFL, 120VAC
  • Wider dimming range for dimmable LED and CFL lamps than incandescent dimmers
  • Microprocessor design provides flicker free operation, wider dimming range and operation on a broader wattage range of LED and CFL lamps
  • Dedicated selector switch allows user to easily select lamp type
  • Enhanced starting technology for CFL lamps
  • No neutral required
  • Single pole or three-way control when used with a three-way switch
  • Slim housing fits easily into a standard wallbox
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