The Final Lighting Frontier: Decora® Rocker Slide Universal Dimmers From Leviton

Leviton Decora Rocker Slide Universal Dimmers

Total Efficiency & Performance

Rocker Slide dimmers provide smooth, slide-action, full-range dimming. Plus, when coupled with an energy-efficient lamp, Rocker Slide dimmers save energy like nobody’s business. Unlike incandescent-only dimmers, these handy dimmers are UL approved for operation on dimmable LED and CFL lamps.

Rocking Lighting Installs

With color-change kits and single-pole or three-way options available, you’ll reduce inventory and lock down one solution for multiple applications. Plus, with no neutral wire required, these babies are a breeze to install. Whether you’re working on new construction or retrofits, Rocker Slide dimmers are an economical, superior alternative to an electronic low-voltage dimmer.

[PDF] Leviton Decora Rocker Slide Universal Dimmers Spec Sheet

Features at a Glance

  • DSL06 model—600W incandescent/halogen, 300W LED/CFL, and 120VAC
  • DSM10 model—1000W incandescent/halogen, 1000VA magnetic low voltage, and 450W LED/CFL
  • Flicker-free operation, dedicated selector switch, programmable light level, wider dimming range, and operation on a broader wattage range of LED and CFL lamps
  • Integrated slide control for easy, precise preset dimming
  • Enhanced starting technology for CFL lamps
  • Single pole or three-way control when used with a three-way switch
  • Slim housing fits easily into a standard wallbox, and is suitable for multi-gang installations with other Leviton Decora products
  • Screw terminals with back wire capability for easier installation
  • Separate Decora rocker switch for on/off that saves selected light level
  • Available in a variety of colors

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