Get NEMA 6 Permanent Power Outdoors with Legrand Wiremold

The Outdoor Power Box is watertight and IP68, which is the ingress protection. The box sits level with the ground and can be surrounded by concrete or soil.

Inside the box, there's a 20 amp turn lock, a 30 amp turn lock and 4 outlets than can be used with the watertight connection. The unique feature of the Outdoor Power Box is that it can by used during inclement weather. As you close the box, it creates an airtight seal and like a cup, it keeps all the electrical connections out of the water.

It comes in brown, black or gray. It's non slip. It's designed with little side pieces so you can gang them together.

All the connections are done inside in a watertight enclosure and then you have that capability to get power to any of your spaces.

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