The InteGreat™ Series: Smart, Integrated Cable Management from Wiremold® by Legrand Video

The InteGreat™ Series, part of Wiremold® by Legrand meeting room solutions, is a cable management system that helps protect cords and cables from the user’s touch point down to the building infrastructure. This is a real benefit for facility managers or building engineers dealing with integrating the latest technology into meeting rooms. They can use the InteGreat Series cable management system to easily install technology or make moves, adds or changes.

It starts with a table box which has cable retractors that can be easily be pulled out and retracted with a little tug. The table box has a service receptacle on the bottom side which allows for integrating of HDMI repeaters or communication splitters. To get away from ty-raps and things that make it hard to switch out cables down the road, InteGreat has cable management which consists of a little trough with dividable slots that allows you to lay cables in. When you are finished making changes, they snap back up and hold the cables tight underneath the table. The InteGreat transition channel accepts the cables from the cable management and feeds them down to the building infrastructure where a floating boot allows protection of the cables and connections being made.

The InteGreat Series cable management system makes installation easy for the contractor and is a very nice way to manage cords and cables in a retrofit application. InteGreat also allows facility managers and facility engineers to incorporate the latest technology available into meeting rooms without having to do a lot of new construction work.