Video: Legrand Wiremold Series New 10" Poke Thru

The new Evolution 10" Poke Thru is the largest Poke Thru device in the industry today. It's got a very large profile to it, but it holds a ton of capacity.

One key feature is the cover, which allows you to go 180 degrees and lie flat on the surface of the floor, so you don't have to worry about it breaking. When the lid is closed, it has a latch and two areas for egress of cabling. When you close it and latch it, it comes back and protects the cabling from damage.

When you open up the device, it has 8-gang capacity including 30 Amp turn lock capability within the device. It's got a deep recess into the floor so it will allow you to put the larger turn lock-type connectors on your cabling for devices such as larger copiers.

The 10" allows for Crestron jacks and connectors for all your audio/visual needs, it has specific areas where it can be set so your dividers inside break off your low voltage and your high voltage so you can easily wire up your devices.

With the Legrand Wiremold Poke Thru, all your connections will go through the floor and you'll be running your conduit up.

The bottom of the device has three attached conduit feeds that can be changed out. There's 1", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" that you can change it out or move around to any configuration that you need in order to wire the device.

Inside the device, underneath all of the connections is where you do all your wiring.

It makes it a lot easier for a contractor to wire than any other installation of Poke Thrus. You basically core hole the 10" hole and drop it in. It's got the intumescent material all the way around it which gives you your two hour fire rating.

Some additional features: you can put regular devices in it, not just the standard devices that come in it.

There are eight different color combinations on the cover, including nickel, bronze and black. This is available right now through Graybar.

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