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Legrand’s Wiremold® product line offers innovative wire and cable management solutions, including perimeter raceway, infloor, and open space systems that provide flexible cabling pathways in new and existing buildings. It also provides infrastructure solutions for audio/video and data communications in meeting rooms, at work stations and in other open spaces.

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  • One Floor Box for Every Install: Legrand Evolution Series Floor Boxes

    Nothing eats into your Total Cost of Install (TCI) faster than wasting time choosing the right part or, worse yet, discovering you don’t have the part you need. Relax. With Legrand’s Evolution™ Series Floor Boxes, you’ll always have the right floor box on hand. With six sleek finishes and limitless configurations, Evolution Series Floor Boxes adapt to every type of installation, aesthetic, and floor construction.


  • [VID] Get NEMA 6 Permanent Power Outdoors with Legrand Wiremold

    The Outdoor Power Box is watertight and IP68, which is the ingress protection. The box sits level with the ground and can be surrounded by concrete or soil.


  • Feed The Need For Power: Legrand's Outdoor Mobile Device Charging Stations

    They say that great power comes with great responsibility. We beg to differ. Legrand’s Outdoor Mobile Device Charging Stations come with great power, performance, and convenience built in. With the new outdoor charging stations from Legrand, contractors satisfy the growing need for power in outdoor spaces. The future has arrived.


  • The Greater-Capacity, Greater-Capability Poke-Thru: The Legrand Evolution Series 10” Poke-Thru Device

    From offices to hospitals and universities, your customers have big power, communication, and data demands. With the smart design, enhanced durability, and eight-gang capacity of Legrand’s Evolution™ Series 10” Poke-Thru Device, you’ll keep pace with growing connectivity needs. Now you can consolidate critical connections in one easy, convenient place—no external junction boxes needed.


  • Powering Today’s Technology-Centric World: USB Charging Products From Legrand

    Today’s high-tech world barely resembles the days of rotary phones. With high-tech, battery-draining devices in their arsenal, end users are looking for the fastest, most convenient way to charge everything at once. As a contractor, it’s your job to make the magic happen. Address the growing need for USB charging capabilities with Legrand’s multiple USB charging solutions.


  • [VID] Legrand Wiremold Series New 10" Poke Thru

    The new Evolution 10" Poke Thru is the largest Poke Thru device in the industry today. It's got a very large profile to it, but it holds a ton of capacity.


  • Youngster- and Contractor-Approved: Wiremold Plugmold Multioutlet Systems

    The patented shutter system of Plugmold Multioutlet Systems keeps foreign objects out of electrical receptacles. Plus, electrical contractors can add GFCI protection to multiple outlets without the hassle.


  • Powering Cubicles Everywhere: WIREMOLD 4" Furniture Feed Poke-Thru Devices

    In financial institutions, offices, and government buildings, Legrand’s 4” Furniture Feed Poke-Thru Devices power communication services to modular furniture systems. So when Bill from accounting spills coffee everywhere, he won’t be in for a shock. The wires beneath him should handle water, dirt, and debris in stride. And poor Bill shouldn’t trip over stray wires as he scrapes up his pride.


  • [VID] The InteGreat Series: Smart, Integrated Cable Management from Wiremold by Legrand

    The InteGreat™ Series, part of Wiremold® by Legrand meeting room solutions, is a cable management system that helps protect cords and cables from the user’s touch point down to the building infrastructure. This is a real benefit for facility managers or building engineers dealing with integrating the latest technology into meeting rooms. They can use the InteGreat Series cable management system to easily install technology or make moves, adds or changes.


  • [VID] Legrand Wiremold Evolution Series Wall Box

    Legrand Wiremold Director Distributor Marketing Greg Crane reviews the new Evolution Series Wall Box, a box that easily installs behind any display. It can even be painted. The new over the floor raceway connects to the Wall Box. This raceway system sits on top of the floor, accommodating your open space needs in the lowest, sleekest ADA compatible profile around.


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