Legrand Wireless Solutions for Hard Cap Ceilings

Legrand’s neutral/no-neutral option device has ultrasonic as well as passive infrared lens. It is also color matching. Along the back is the no-neutral/neutral option where you just break off the tab and land your neutral if you need to. Also there is the three-way wire to make it a three-way application. One SKU, one part eliminates a lot of SKUs on the truck and on the shelf.

Next there’s the wireless sensor for applications that have hard cap ceilings – areas that you need to put a sensor but it’s hard to put a wire to. With that, you can take this line voltage switch and replace it with a toggle switch and put the switch in the space. In addition, there’s the wireless sensor with a magnet on the back or mount it on a ceiling mounted tile. You also have photovoltaic cells on the sensor so you can also charge the sensor without a battery.

Legrand has wireless solutions for all of your hard cap ceilings as well as wall box sensor with technologies and the neutral/no-neutral, single location/multi-location with one SKU.