Wireless A/V for HDMI® Devices

​Legrand® is pleased to announce RDC6 Reduced Diameter Cat6 Cords are now available in EZ Patch and as part of the nCompass™ solutions. EZ patch RDC6 benefits include:

  • Reduced diameter patch cords are dispensed quickly and easily
  • Reduced staging and installation time
  • Eliminates trash from opening bags
  • Each cord is factory tested to ensure every cord meets Category 6 channel specs.
Legrand Wireless AV For HDMI Devices

Legrand® Wireless A/V for HDMI® Devices offers a simple way to wirelessly connect an HDMI device to a display up to 100 feet away. Learn more with the attached spec sheet.​ This plug and play system allows A/V signals from a laptop, tablet, or Blu-ray player to wirelessly connect to an HDMI projector or HDTV located up to 100 feet away.  There is no software to install or update. The display does not have to be limited to where wire runs have been located.

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