A Perfect Partner: Legrand's White Clarity Patch Panels

Legrand Ortronics White Clarity Patch Panels

Enhanced Visibility with an Aesthetic Upgrade

With all of the choices involved in designing and maintaining your facility, control room, or data center, choosing the right panels is often an afterthought. Thankfully, Legrand’s new White Clarity Patch Panels offer an enlightened option. The panels white color reflect more of the available light which make the visual aspects of an installation easier. Improving the visibility of wiring labels and port designations can reduce mistakes, installation times and save on vital labor costs. Every minute counts when contracting for installations and White Clarity Patch Panels offer an additional path to savings. Additionally, the aesthetic benefits of white panels with white racks and cabinets result in a workroom that’s easy on the eyes, not a visual nightmare.

A Panel for Every Situation

Regardless of the size or scope of your panel needs, there is a White Clarity Patch Panel for your solution. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a variety of port presentation, termination types and cable management options in both angled and flat panels. These panels support nCompass and channel solutions while being UL-listed and RoHS compliant. In short, Legrand’s White Clarity Patch Panels are the go-to choice for your installations and cable management.

The days of struggling to identify the correct wiring or port location during installation are over. White Clarity Patch Panels offer unmatched visibility for easy installation, resulting in a finished project that you can trust. With white Mighty Mo® Racks and LX or GX Cabinets, Clarity® Patch Panels, Cablofil® Wire Mesh Cable Tray and Ortronics® cable management add-ons; Legrand provides a clean, unified look to your infrastructure.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced work visibility leading to reduced installation times
  • Supports nCompass and channel solutions
  • Available angled or flat in several configurations
  • Supports any premium performance application
  • Variety of cable management and port presentation options
  • RoHS compliant
[PDF] Legrand White Clarity Patch Panels Data Sheet

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