Legrand Fiber-Based Solution to Extend HD Signals Up to 1000 feet

The new RapidRun Optical from Quiktron Legrand is a fiber-based solution to extend HD signals up to 1000 feet, that gives you 4k resolution, 3D and best picture at that distance. A typical HDMI cable may be good up to 1080p resolution at 100 feet. So if you're on factory floors or need classroom solutions, this is a great product.

Start with a transmit flying lead that you would take from your source, whether it be a laptop or a computer. The transmit flying lead is marked with a TX, so you have your source signal. Connect the transmit flying lead into the runner cable which actually carries the signal, also marked with a TX. Those plug together to start your run. At the display, whether it be a TV, projector, monitor, is the receive flying lead. The receive flying lead, marked with an RX, connects to your runner cable, also marked RX. This ensures you can't wire this backwards.

The receive flying lead has to be USB powered at the display, either from the monitor itself or from a USB power supply plug-in adapter to the wall.

The RapidRun Optical is all plug and play, no tools required, best picture 4k resolution, 3D and it can run up to 1000 feet.

[PDF] Legrand Quiktron RapidRun Brochure

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