Legrand Q-Series Transceivers: Economy, Performance and Reliability

Legrand Ortronics Q-Series Transceivers

Economy and Performance

Legrand Q-Series transceivers are identical in function to original manufacturer brands but are 40 to 70 percent less expensive. Q-Series transceivers are also TAA compliant, and guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications and MSA requirements. Plus, with Legrand Q-Series transceivers, networking personnel can quickly identify the part number, for easy replacement.

Legrand uses the OEM part number + “-LEG,” so it’s easy to run a simple query of what’s installed based on the model number of the transceiver. With Legrand Q-Series transceivers, it’s as simple as cross-referencing the model number to Legrand’s part number.

Flexibility and Reliability

With the most comprehensive offering in the industry, Legrand has you covered. For even more flexibility, custom and “universal” transceivers can be programmed to work in multiple vendor’s networking equipment. With the help of their highly responsive customer service team, Legrand will turn around a quote in less than an hour. That’s service you can count on.

Legrand Q-Series transceivers accommodate various media type and reach needs too. Plus, replacement is easy in the event of a failure. Q-Series transceivers also facilitate adds, moves, and changes and allow easier administration with structured cabling. Q-Series transceivers from Legrand. Economy, power, and performance you can rely on.

Features and Benefits

  • Competitive Price: Save 40-70% vs. original manufacturer brands (Cisco, Brocade, Juniper, etc.)
  • Popular Selection: Expanded offering includes the most popular 95 units, with a selection of copper and fiber
  • Completely Compatible: Meets or exceeds all MSA requirements
  • Highest Quality: Each piece is 100% tested and documented
  • TAA Compliant: Made in the USA
  • Short Lead Time on Customs: 3-5 day lead time on transceivers not stocked as part of this offering
  • More Form Factors: SFP, SFP+, QFSP, XENPAK, X2, XFP, GBIC
  • Higher Bandwidth: Up to 40G
[PDF] Legrand Q-Series Transceivers Quick Reference Guide

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