Ortronics Mighty Mo® 20 Rack System

Ortronics Mighty Mo 20 Rack System

With the Mighty Mo 20 Rack System, Ortronics brings more than 120 new products to organize and maximize any network equipment, any size LAN, SAN or data center, copper or fiber. The Mighty Mo 20 minimizes signal loss, provides flexibility for immediate designs and future expansions and maximizes cooling efficiency.

The comprehensive solution gives networking professionals much broader possibilities in designing truly efficient network support infrastructures. It triples the number of available rack choices, including channel and 4-post versions up to 9'; fingers are 2" deeper to accommodate high-density networks and new bend limiting clips provide 180-degree protection for improved network performance. Vertical managers are deeper as well for up to 40 percent more room and reduced cable obstruction, and channel racks are available up to 30" deep for greater capacity.

All-white racks add visual appeal to the network space, and a new honeycomb hex design maximizes airflow – saving on cooling costs and maximizing equipment life. The Mighty Mo 20 can also integrate into existing cable pathways; mounting brackets are available for both Cablofil® trays and runways, and available 6" tall brackets improve cable transition.

For more information, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

  • Greater Product Selection
    • More than 3 times the rack choices
  • Performance
    • 2” deeper fingers for higher density networks
    • Bend limiting clips for 180º protection
  • Better Cable Pathway Integration
    • Mounting brackets for both Cablofil tray and runway
    • Available 6” tall brackets improve cable transition
  • Better Space Utilization
    • Deeper vertical managers with up to 40% more room
    • Channel rack depths up to 30” for improved capacity
  • Increased Airflow
    • Improved hex pattern on all channel racks


[VID] Ortronics: First Look at the Mighty Mo 20