Complete Fiber Optic Installs Quickly & Accurately with Infinium™ Splice-On Connectors from Legrand®

Infinium Splice-On Connectors

Will Termination Problems Cost You?

Traditional fiber optic termination methods are unreliable and labor-intensive. Epoxy connectors leave little room for error and can require cure times of 20 minutes or greater. If you’re using a mechanical splice connector, poor cleaves can be mistakenly mated together. The trouble is, many termination problems aren’t uncovered until the optical link is tested for attenuation near the end of a project.

If high attenuation is identified during the testing phase, the connector is typically replaced. In other words, you’ll have to terminate the fiber all over again. Re-terminations extend deadlines, compound costs, and inflate your Total Cost of Install. Not anymore. With Infinium Splice-On Connectors from Legrand, you’ll sidestep costly redos and exceed industry performance standards.

The Fast, Accurate, Easy Solution.

Infinium Splice-On Connectors are factory terminated and pre-polished, meet or exceed industry standards for loss and back reflection, and terminate in just 90 seconds. Since installers can visually identify poor cleaves on either end of the optical fiber, Infinium Splice-On Connectors eliminate “blind splicing.” The fusion splicer completes an analysis to assist with installation, so even novice technicians will know whether to use or re-cleave an optical fiber. Now that’s efficient.

Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates “blind splicing” by allowing installers to identify poor cleaves
  • Simplifies installation and reduces re-terminations
  • Comes pre-polished and factory-terminated
  • Provides a quicker termination (approximately 90 seconds)
  • The splice point is concealed and protected with a 900-micron strain-relief boot
  • Meets/exceeds industry standards for loss and back reflection
  • Enables better cable management
  • Factory-cleaved 900μm fiber stub
  • Includes Splice Protection Sleeves
  • Available in LC, SC and ST, Single-Mode, or Multimode
  • End-faces available in PC, APC, and UPC
[PDF] Legrand Infinium Splice-On Connectors Data Sheet

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