Infinium™ Fiber Systems: The Easy-to-Install, Fiber Optic System from Legrand

Ortronics Infinium Fiber System

Data forms the backbone of many industries, and it could be compromised if equipment and systems don’t work how they should. In a well-functioning data center, processes and systems should contribute to efficient operations and the integrity of stored data, while responding to changing company landscape. Data center and storage area network (SAN) managers need high-performance fiber optic systems that are quick and easy to deploy.

Rapid, Easy-Install Fiber Optic Solutions

Infinium™ Fiber Systems is a solution that responds to rapidly changing bandwidth, and cabling and system performance requirements. Legrand offers fiber optic solutions that deliver advanced network performance, with a variety of density and connector options for optimal compatibility and migration to any high-bandwidth application. Infinium's newest product, the Field Installable Connector is a reusable pre-polished connector that can be installed in two minutes or less on a prepared optical fiber, with­out the need for special installation tools or equipment. The connector is available in single mode, OR-205KNT9SA-09 or multimode, OR-205KNT9GA-50T. Combined with standard and premium performance components, and both field- and pre-terminated options, this handy system supports a wide range of applications.

Legrand products are engineered with performance and efficiency in mind. Each product is designed to integrate into a premium network system that installs efficiently with a sleek look. Contractors and installers enjoy the flexibility that comes with easy installation in any environment, and customers benefit from a cost-effective and high-performance fiber optic system.

  • Engineered to meet the highest efficiency and performance requirements
  • Integrates efficiently into premium network systems
  • Delivers the most advanced network performance available
  • Comes in a variety of density and connector options for maximum compatibility
  • Delivers advanced network performance, with a variety of density options that enable migration to any high-bandwidth application


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