Ortronics HiLOC System

Legrand Ortronics HiLOC System

In order to help conserve fiber loss, Legrand has created an alternative to the traditional MTP®-to-LC cassette: the Harness in Lieu Of Cassette, or the HiLOC System. The single 12-fiber 3 mm micro-distribution cable takes up 1/6 less space than six separate patch cords–saving space in the pathway, maximizing airflow and enabling neater cable management. The HiLOC harness also eliminates one connector pair, saving up to 0.75dB of loss. This also allows for the addition of another connection. The HiLOC solution creates a neater and cleaner installation, while saving space and maximizing air flow in the pathway.

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[PDF] Legrand Ortronics HiLOC System Brochure
[PPT] Legrand Ortronics HiLOC System PowerPoint

Features at a Glance

  • The trunk side of harness takes 1/6 the space of six separate patch cords: Saving space in the pathway and maximizing airflow
  • The cassette can be eliminated on one end of the link: Saving one connector pair and up to 0.75dB in loss budget
  • HiLOC furcation element locks into Multi-Use Panel or 2U HiLOC enclosure: Simplifying organization and providing strain relief
  • The Multi-Use Panel enables ZeroU capability: Optimizing the use of rack or cabinet rack units
  • The Multi-Use Panel is designed to lock into Cablofil tray and Mighty Mo vertical manager cages: Seemlessly integrating components of your infrastructure
  • The HiLOC harness is completely configurable. Customizable features include:
    • Cable length
    • Breakout tube length
    • Breakout leg staggering
    • MTP connector pins
    • Harness jacket