High Density Solution With Clarity® and Infinium™

Legrand High Density Solution With Clarity and Infinium

Legrand’s high density Clarity jack and panel products (HDJ) combined with Infinium high density fiber modules (HDFMs) and cassettes solve density challenges without sacrificing performance. The smaller HDJ jack footprint allows up to 48-ports of premium Category 6a, 6 or 5e performance or HDFMs (LC, SC, and MPO) in 1 rack unit panel. This system is ideal for applications like data centers, distribution areas (TIA-942 Standard) or limited space, high density environments.

The new high density jack and panel series provides:

  • Less required rack and floor space to reduce real-estate costs
  • New cable termination process that is easier and faster for Category 6a and 6
  • A new slide-lock mounting for a quicker installation time that reduces labor costs, while locking the jacks firmly in place
  • Flexibility by combining copper and fiber in the same panel

The greater rack unit density, made possible with the smaller jack footprint, is supported by superior cable management products that have been optimized for cable protection and proper airflow. Mighty Mo® cable managers allow up to 48 patch cords per rack unit on a single side of the rack or cabinet, providing ample support to Clarity and Infinium high density solutions.

High Density Jack Panels

  • Support up to 48-port in 1RU
  • Panel choices include 24-port (1RU), 48-port (1RU), 48-port (2RU) and 72-port (2RU), in either flat or angled
  • Supplied with front labeling bezels, rear cable management bars, straps and ties
  • High density jacks are icon compatible or supplied 6 port front label fields snap into icon slots
  • Ability to configure with choice performance categories and colors
  • Easier to access, remove and install into loaded panels

Infinium High Density Fiber Modules & Cassettes

  • HDFMs available in LC duplex, SC simplex and MPO, with a broad range of color options
  • MTP®-to-LC 12-fiber cassettes available with 50-micron laser optimized (OM4+) fiber or single-mode (OS2) fiber
  • Optional high density cable manager organizes and protects connections to the high density jack panel

High Density Jacks

  • Available in Category 6a, 6 and 5e
  • Center tuned to Clarity patch cords for optimal channel performance
  • Rear loading, utilizing an innovative locking latch for quick reliable mounting and removal
  • Easy to lace and crimp termination reduces time to install, while maintaining cable performance
  • ETL verified to TIA 568C.2 Category 6a and Category 6 component performance standards
  • FCC part 68, Subpart F and IEC-603-7 compliant
  • Gas tight insulation displacement of 22 to 24 AWG solid copper conductors

For more information, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.


[PDF] Ortronics High Density Connectivity Brochure