Legrand Ortronics Fiber Trunk Cable System

Ortronics Fiber Trunk Cable System

Fully configurable to exactly suit your design

The new Ortronics Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Trunk Cable Assembly System provides a streamlined approach to network design by reducing the number of individual components in the structured cabling system, while factory testing and quality engineering ensure performance, reliability and a successful installation.

Ortronics trunk cables are fully configurable and available with a variety of cable and connector combinations, including fiber connector types, breakout configurations and jacket materials. Each trunk can have multiple fiber connectors on either end and a choice of cable design in between. Trunk cables are also available with today’s required fiber type such as single mode and multimode, micro array data and indoor / outdoor cable types, MTP, SC and LC connectors and additional components to suit your installation.

The number of finished trunk cable configurations can be overwhelming due to unique network installations, variable transmission rates and multiple fiber, cable and connector choices. Understanding the complex process of designing customized trunk cable solutions, Legrand has created a simple, but powerful cable configurator that takes into consideration the application, fiber and connector needs, as well as packaging requirements. It is designed to take into account all the variables of fiber cable assemblies, including validation rules, ensuring selections are correct in every way.

The resulting product has a simple design, provides unsurpassed optical performance and is less expensive to install than a multi-component system.




Legrand Ortronics Fiber Trunk Cable System

With current high bit rate transmission, advanced applications truly test the limits of optical cable design and installation. Legrand uses quality engineering in each Ortronics trunk cable to ensure performance, reliability and a successful installation.