The Organizer's Dream: Legrand now offers EZ Patch convenience for Ortronics reduced diameter cat6 patch cords

EZ Patch, Your EZ-iest Installation Yet

Ortronics EZ Patch Patch Cord Dispensing Box

Patch cords are an essential product for contractors and installers, yet they can be a cause of frustration due to tangling and disorganization. Legrand’s EZ Patch solves these problems and more with a reliable, well-designed product for dispensing patch cords. EZ Patch eliminates the plastic bags and twist ties associated with typical patch cords; all you need to do is to pull a cord from the unit and unclip it from the next patch cord. Your installation can be quick with minimal waste, no tangling, and assurance you grabbed the correct length cord. You benefit from saving time & money, and reducing waste.

Organization and Conservation

Before EZ Patch, staging areas for patch cords could become a mess of tangled cords and discarded packaging. The EZ Patch solution makes it easy to keep your staging area organized and under control; each cable pulls one after the other from the unit. No bags to throw away, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint. Even the EZ Patch Box itself is recyclable so that every part of your patch cord process is green and environmentally-friendly.

Features at a Glance

  • Available in standard awg and now 28 awg Small OD patch cords
  • Provides organized staging area for patch cords, eliminating tangling
  • Quickly and easily dispenses patch cords
  • Reduces staging, installation and cleanup time
  • Less produced trash than bagged patch cords, for an environmentally-friendly solution

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