Cablofil Easy-To-Use Wire Mesh Trays, Connectors & Supports

Cablofil Wire Mesh Cable Tray

Wire Mesh Cable Tray

Cablofil is a global leader in innovative cable management, with over 93,000 miles of wire mesh cable tray installed worldwide. The Cablofil wire mesh tray design adapts easily to any installation on-site with simple tools. Cablofil wire mesh tray design features Safe-T-Edge, a unique process that T-welds the lateral wires to the top wire to create a smooth edge that minimizes the risk of frayed cables and protects installers from sharp wire ends.

  • Save 30-70 percent using Cablofil tray with MC cable instead of conduit
  • Easy to configure on the job-site with simple tools
  • Splice connections install 50% faster than bolts

FAS Power Pre-Fab Wiring

Cablofil FASLOCK

Cablofil has designed a wide range of easy-to-use connectors and supports including our Fast Assembly System (FAS) that simplify installations and reduce overall costs. Our patented FAS support system utilizes a locking tab that secures the tray and requires no screws, bolts or special tools for installation.

  • Dramatically cuts project completion times and cost
  • Floor brackets eliminate vertical measuring
  • Everything prewired for fast rough in
  • Prepackaged and shipped to meet job requirements

Under Floor System

UFS Wire Tray Sections are available in 2' sections, 12", 16" and 20" widths, 2", 4" and 6" depths. All welded wire trays are constructed with the same wire grid as our 10' tray so that all Cablofil accessories attach without adjustment.

Cablofil Under Floor Support

UFS is independently supported so that it does not void the warranty of the raised access floor. It is engineered with 2-foot sections so that it can be installed entirely through the floor openings. UFS support kits include crossbars, leg supports and leg attachment clips. The crossbars are designed with Cablofil's FAS locking tabs that secure all tray sections without additional hardware; only a screwdriver is needed. The EDF leg supports have multiple mounting holes for almost infinite height adjustment. Corrugated metal clips are used to secure the UFS system to the support legs of the raised access floor. No tools are needed. The UFS 90° is made up of flat tray designed to be used at tee's and junctions. The tray clips are used to secure the flat tray sections to the crossbar at the tee's and junctions.

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