Graybar and Cablofil

Legrand’s Cablofil® product line includes wire mesh and ladder cable tray, prefabricated wiring assemblies, and a variety of support systems for photovoltaic arrays. These products are engineered to meet the most demanding specifications, while offering installers significant productivity advantages.

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  • Save Yourself the Headaches with Simple Support: Cablofil J-Hooks by Legrand

    Cable supports don’t need to be complicated. Legrand’s Cablofil J-Hooks offer high functionality and low maintenance requirements with a product that’s ready straight out of the box. Multiple sizes and attachment options allow you to choose the perfect product for your cabling needs, and a thoughtful, user-focused design makes installation a breeze. Designed for simplicity but built to last, Cablofil J-Hooks provide an unrivalled cable support solution.


  • Cablofil Easy-To-Use Wire Mesh Trays, Connectors & Supports

    Cablofil is a global leader in innovative cable management, with over 93,000 miles of wire mesh cable tray installed worldwide. Learn how Graybar and Cablofil can help with your cable management solutions.


  • Cablofil Online Tools: Your All-In-One Resource For Cable Management Project Design

    When it comes to cable management, contractors and installers need the right products—there’s no question about that. But to keep your project running on time, and on budget, you also need a comprehensive and well-planned project design. With Cablofil’s online tools, you have everything you need to design your next project.


  • Cablofil from Legrand: The Economical, Easy-to-Install Cable Management Solution

    Cablofil® Cable Management from Legrand is expertly engineered to reduce installation time and cost. With a structure that provides maximum strength with minimum weight, Cablofil adapts to the most complex configurations.


  • Cablofil Twist-On Junction Boxes

    Cablofil Plexo Twist-on Junction Boxes pack a lot of value in a small, simple package: now, installing cable boxes firmly onto steel wire mesh cable tray is easier, faster, safer and stronger.


  • [VID] Cablofil Plexo Junction Box Animation

    Animation of attaching a junction box to a Cablofil wire mesh cable tray.


  • Legrand Releases CAD Drawings, BIM Objects and More

    Legrand has added a new resource center to their website that provides product design and selection tools like CAD drawings, BIM objects, guide form specs along with their entire video library – all in one place.


  • Cablofil Plexo Twist-On Junction Boxes

    Twist-on design installs directly on the sides or bottom of any CF series Cablofil tray. It's fast and secure – attachment only requires a 45° twist and uses no special hardware.

  • Legrand Productivity Solutions

    Increased productivity means getting off the job faster. That’s why the Legrand brands do as much of the work as possible before our products arrive on site.

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