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About Legrand – designed to be better.

As one of the leading providers of products and systems for wiring and cable management worldwide, Legrand delivers innovative solutions that are the backbone of the electrical and communications infrastructure.

Whether our products are used together as an integrated system or as individual components, we strive to provide the right level of technology for the job, efficient installation and exceptional fit and finish. We do this not by happenstance by rather by rigorous adherence to the tenants of good design.

That's because from aesthetics to functionality, customer service to product development, design is at the heart of all we do. Allowing us to deliver innovative electrical and communications solutions that make the lives of all we touch better – at work and at home.

By applying this philosophy across all our segments – electrical wiring systems, home systems, lighting systems and datacom – we bring our customers access to an unequaled depth and breadth of smart, integrated solutions for the commercial, industrial and residential markets.

Latest News and Articles

Legrand News

  • Fit 48 Ports of Connectivity in one Rack with Legrand's High Density Connectivity Line

    Legrand's high density connectivity line has a range of mounting options, both at the panel and the work station.


  • Complete Fiber Optic Installs Quickly & Accurately with Infinium Splice-On Connectors from Legrand

    Redoing work isn’t just a drag—it’s also costly. On fiber optic installs, re-terminations cost you twice: first on labor and then on materials. So why rely on traditional fiber optic termination methods that are hit-or-miss at best? With Infinium Splice-On Connectors from Legrand, you’ll reduce your Total Cost of Install and get the job done quickly, accurately, and efficiently.


  • One Floor Box for Every Install: Legrand Evolution Series Floor Boxes

    Nothing eats into your Total Cost of Install (TCI) faster than wasting time choosing the right part or, worse yet, discovering you don’t have the part you need. Relax. With Legrand’s Evolution™ Series Floor Boxes, you’ll always have the right floor box on hand. With six sleek finishes and limitless configurations, Evolution Series Floor Boxes adapt to every type of installation, aesthetic, and floor construction.


  • [VID] Get NEMA 6 Permanent Power Outdoors with Legrand Wiremold

    The Outdoor Power Box is watertight and IP68, which is the ingress protection. The box sits level with the ground and can be surrounded by concrete or soil.


  • How to Install Delta Strut Video

    Introducing Delta Strut – a combined solar panel support and cable management system that outperforms the competition.

  • Legrand Q-Series Transceivers: Economy, Performance and Reliability

    The rise in connected devices, richer user content, eCommerce, and cloud computing means an increase in network traffic. Like a key cog in the wheel of the data center machine, the high-speed transceiver supports this traffic at the backbone of the network. Built for today’s data centers, Legrand Q-Series transceivers are competitively priced, 100 percent tested and documented, and support higher bandwidths.


  • Save Yourself the Headaches with Simple Support: Cablofil J-Hooks by Legrand

    Cable supports don’t need to be complicated. Legrand’s Cablofil J-Hooks offer high functionality and low maintenance requirements with a product that’s ready straight out of the box. Multiple sizes and attachment options allow you to choose the perfect product for your cabling needs, and a thoughtful, user-focused design makes installation a breeze. Designed for simplicity but built to last, Cablofil J-Hooks provide an unrivalled cable support solution.


  • The Organizer's Dream: Legrand now offers EZ Patch convenience for Ortronics reduced diameter cat6 patch cords

    What if we told you that you could eliminate the tangling, packaging, and headaches associated with your patch cords? With one EZ solution, Legrand has eliminated the need for bags and tie wraps and taken tangling out of your patch cord equation. The Legrand EZ Patch dispenses reduced-diameter patch cords with ease, keeping your workspace clean and organized while reducing staging and installation times. It’s a one-stop solution to one of your most nagging problems.


  • Feed The Need For Power: Legrand's Outdoor Mobile Device Charging Stations

    They say that great power comes with great responsibility. We beg to differ. Legrand’s Outdoor Mobile Device Charging Stations come with great power, performance, and convenience built in. With the new outdoor charging stations from Legrand, contractors satisfy the growing need for power in outdoor spaces. The future has arrived.


  • A Perfect Partner: Legrand’s White Clarity Patch Panels

    Your choice of panels shouldn’t be an afterthought. White Clarity Patch Panels by Legrand provide enhanced visibility from their reflective surface and aesthetic benefits when paired with white racks or cabinets. Available in a wide range of configurations, these panels support all of your premium performance applications. Simplify your installations with Legrand’s White Clarity Patch Panels.


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