ÖLFLEX® TRAY II – New and Improved!

Application Advantages

Unrivaled Oil Resistance

  • Meets UL Oil Res I & II
  • Perfect for industrial areas where cables face oil exposure
  • Longer cable life results in increased productivity

Excellent Flexibility in Extreme Cold

  • Passes UL Cold Bend at -40°C & UL Cold Impact at -25°C
  • Superior new alternative for colder facilities and in colder climates
  • The high tech PVC blend is more cost effective than rubber & polyurethane compounds

Newly Designed Material Improves Cable Performance

  • Jacket offers greater abrasion & scuff resistance
  • Even greater flexibility
  • Enhanced strength and resilience properties



High Performance Solutions for Demanding Environments

MACHINE & TOOL – Enhanced Oil Performance

ÖLFLEX® Tray cables offer unrivaled reliability, flexibility and durability for machine tool applications.

  • Higher abrasion resistance
  • Meets UL Oil Res I & II and AWM 21098
  • Superior flexibility
  • UL MTW meeting NFPA 79 2007

COLD ENVIRONMENT – Doesn't Lose It's Cool In The Cold

ÖLFLEX® Tray cables are the best in class in the cold to deliver a high level of performance and flexibility.

  • Flexible down to -25°C
  • Excellent in extreme environments
  • UL -40°C cold bend
  • Cost effective solution vs. rubber

INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY – Versatile For All Environments

ÖLFLEX® Tray cables provide a level of high performance and flexibility for complex manufacturing environments.

  • UL -25°C cold impact
  • Improved oil and chemical resistance
  • UL/CSA tray rated
  • OLFLEX® Tray II a cost-effective performer

PLANT EXPANSIONS – Lower Installation Costs

Due to their extreme flexibility and easier routing, ÖLFLEX® Tray cables are optimal for new plant development and plant expansions.

  • Pull more cables at a time
  • Less drag when routing through the tray
  • UL TC-ER: no conduit required
  • All of this leads to labor savings

FOOD & BEVERAGE – Known & Trusted Industry Performer

ÖLFLEX® Tray cables are designed to exceed expectations in the food & beverage industry.

  • UL/CSA tray rated
  • Robust jacket for wash-down environments
  • High flexibility in refrigeration
  • Round and flexible for easy tray loading and stacking

WIND ENERGY – Reliability For All Climates

ÖLFLEX® Tray cables are expertly designed to withstand humidity, vibration, extreme temperatures and exposure to oil.

  • Withstand gear box oil
  • Torsion tested for the wind turbine market
  • UL WTTC, 1000 V, FT 4 for the tower
  • Durable all season performance