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Make the Right Connection

Connect with Lapp Group for electrical connectivity solutions for industrial applications. The Lapp Group understands the critical role electrical connectivity products play in a wide array of industrial manufacturing applications. And how our customers depend on the quality, performance and durability of Lapp’s cable and connectivity solutions to keep their facilities and lines up and running even in the most demanding conditions. Lapp Group's offering includes complete connectivity solutions for industrial machine and infrastructure applications include a full suite of power and control cable, connectors, accessories and systems. These products and solutions are specifically tailored for a wide array of industries including automotive, food and beverage, wind energy, oil and gas, packaging and manufacturing.

Industry Leading Expertise

  • Specially trained national sales team
  • State-of-the-art cable manufacturing in North America
  • Wide range of wire, cable, and connectors
  • Populated track for machine motion applications
  • On-line Cable Design Center and selection tools to find the right cable or connector
  • ISO Certified
  • Ready to service your customers with inventory in 5 logistics centers coast-to-coast

A Full Suite of Industrial Connectivity Solutions

  • Machine cables for all applications
  • TC-ER Rated tray cables
  • Assemblies and cables for major VFDs and manufacturers of servo motors and drives
  • Industrial grade data cables for signal, control and networks
  • Environmentally protected industrial connectors for power, control, and data; including rectangular, circular, and IEC pin and sleeve connectors
  • Strain relief products
  • Cable management accessories including: conduit, track, sleeving and marking systems

Markets Served

  • Food and Beverage
  • Machine Building
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Robotics
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power Generation – Wind and Solar
  • Steel and metal manufacturing
  • Water, wastewater & sewage
  • Motors and drives
  • Petro chemical & process industries

Lapp has developed extensive online resources designed to bring value to your business. These tools include product selector tool, e-learning modules, videos, full line catalog, custom cable design and much more.

New! Automation Catalog from Lapp

Lapp Automation Catalog

Lapp offers a wide range of cables, connectors, and assemblies for servo-motors and drives. Cables, connectors, cordsets are also available for your BUS systems including DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, and Ethernet. This quick reference guide provides cross reference information to find the right parts for many different motor types. Let Lapp make the process of specifying the right cable, connector, cable gland, or assembly easy.

Download 47-page guide

LAPP Group News

  • NEW! Cable Track Systems Solutions

    Cable tracks from Lapp increase the life of cable and hoses by protecting them from electrical wear and stress. The tracks greatly improve machine operation and appearance, while being resistant to oils, water and a range of potentially damaging fluids. Lapp’s track offering includes nylon, hybrid, steel and flexible multi axis tracks.


  • NEW! Food and Beverage Connectivity Solutions Microsite

    Food and beverage manufacturers deal with all types of challenging environments that put power connectivity products to the ultimate test. Lapp products have a time-proven record of standing up to the most demanding environments and helping our customers achieve high levels of productivity through decreased down time and increased up time. And, each Lapp product is designed to meet stringent hygiene requirements, and helps to prevent thermal and hydrolytic degradation – which are so critical to the success of your operation.


  • [VID] EPIC ULTRA Rectangular Connector 2D Animation Video

    Complex industrial applications demand simple but reliable solutions. The EPIC® ULTRA Industrial Connector Housings from the Lapp Group are scratch, impact and corrosion resistant. Dust and water tight to IP65, EPIC ULTRA is the ideal solution for a wide array of industry applications including off-shore wind turbines, waste water treatment, cranes, amusement parks, and food and beverage.


  • [VID] ÖLFLEX Servo 796 CP Continuous Flex High Acceleration Cable

    ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD 796 CP is an industrial grade servo cable with two available options: power only or power and feedback conductors. It has a polyurethane jacket and is designed for faster speed and acceleration which increases the economic efficiency of your machines.


  • [VID] Walk Through Installation of OLFLEX Oil Resistant Tray Cables

    ÖLFLEX Tray Cables from Lapp Group are designed for exceptional flexibility. Pull more cables simultaneously with ÖLFLEX speeding up your installation time. Flexibility and a perfectly round outer jacket make it easier to route around curves by reducing friction and drag. Connect ÖLFLEX Tray cables to our EPIC connectors for a Plug-n-Play modular solution. Drops, inclines, turns and bends are all done with ease using ÖLFLEX Tray Cables. SKINTOP Cable Glands provide fast and reliable sealing.


  • [VID] SKINTOP Cable Glands Product Overview

    SKINTOP cable glands ensures your cable stays securely in place per UL 514B specifications, is pull tested to withstand 36 lbs for 60 seconds and contributes to reduced stress and strain on termination points.


  • LAPP EPIC ULTRA Housing for Harsh Industrial Environments

    EPIC® new rectangular housings are ideal for use in extreme environments where weather, corrosion, impact, and electrical noise can affect the reliability and durability of your installations.


  • LAPP Cable Solutions for Automotive

    At Lapp, we understand the importance of running efficient, high performance industrial operations, while also being cost-effective. We are supporting our customers in the automotive industry and help them fulfill these requirements.


  • Eliminate Electromagnetic Interference with SKINTOP BRUSH now with NPT Thread!

    In industrial environments, motors, controls, and machines can seriously impair EMC which can result in a range of problems from false readings to system failure. With Lapp design engineered SKINTOP® grounding glands and screened cables, these electrical interferences are eliminated.


  • SKINTOP CUBE – Innovative Multi-cable Bushing System

    The patented SKINTOP® CUBE flexible clip modules provide extremely quick and easy installation with far better sealing and clamping capabilities. Additionally, service to the cables is greatly simplified, as removing the frame from the enclosure is not necessary when updating cables.