Klein Tools Multi-Bit Screwdriver/Nut Driver Product Line

Klein Tools is pleased to announce the addition of its new interchangeable Multi-Bit Screwdriver/Nut Driver product line. These new Multi-Bit tools are designed for professionals by providing the quality features that have made the Klein name famous for hand tools—features that assure greater convenience, comfort and efficiency in use, plus exceptional strength and durability. All of the design benefits that have made Klein screwdrivers and nut drivers successful in the past have been implemented and improved upon in these new tools. The new Multi-Bit drivers are made of the highest quality tempered steel with a torque-proof anchor in the handle. Strong, durable tips are manufactured with square edges to fit screw openings securely. They resist slippage and provide positive turning action. These tools also feature stronger nut driver function, which improves bit-holding power, even with tough applications.

Klein Multi-Bit Screwdriver/Nut Driver Product Line

The new line of interchangeable Multi-Bit Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers are designed with the customer in mind. Each tool has its own unique function and purpose, which allows its user to get the job done more efficiently in a variety of different situations. The new Heavy Duty Multi-Bit Screwdriver/Nut Driver (32557) is designed for tough applications. It has improved design and construction for greater strength. It also provides improved torqueing ability with its strong, heat-treated nut drivers. The shaft holds 6 universal tips; converts to 3 nut driver sizes and 1 hex driver.

The Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver/Nut Driver (32558) provides the same high-torque capability, as well as the benefits of a ratcheting mechanism for fast and easy use.

The Extended Reach Multi-Bit Screwdriver/Nut Driver (32559/32560) is designed to give the user deeper access to areas where a normal multi-bit screwdriver would not be able to reach. Its extended shaft and blade provide a 39 percent longer reach. It is also designed with a small diameter shaft for comfortable grip and quick, easy turning. Its shaft holds 4 universal tips and converts to 2 nut driver sizes.

The Stubby Multi-Bit Screwdriver/Nut Driver (32561) has a compact design for use in tight spaces. The design features a 1-1/4” shaft, which holds 4 universal tips and 2 nut driver sizes.

For more than 150 years, Klein Tools has manufactured premier Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers. We now produce the most versatile interchangeable Multi-Bit Screwdriver/Nut Drivers that feature the superior quality of Klein Tools, the strength that professionals depend on and the convenience of multiple functions in one heavy-duty tool.