Easily Attach Locknuts in Deep Cut-in Boxes with the NEW Conduit Locknut Wrench from Klein

Electricians spoke and Klein answered with the Conduit Locknut Wrench. Locknuts in tight or deep cut-in boxes too deep for your fingers? Both hands occupied with a screwdriver and a hammer? Pliers not giving you enough lateral movement to finish the connection?

Feed your wires through Klein’s Conduit Locknut Wrench, and you're able to hold the wires in place and twist at the same time. That keeps the job stable and you can turn the connector on with little effort.

The Conduit Locknut Wrench has two heads; one holds a 1/2" connector and the other holds a 3/4", the two most common connectors you would use when putting in a new circuit.

Need extra torque to tighten the locknut? The Conduit Locknut Wrench has a screwdriver hole that can act like a lever arm.

[PDF] Klein Conduit Locknut Wrench Sell Sheet