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For over 150 years Klein Tools has remained dedicated to professional tradesmen worldwide, with a commitment to manufacturing the highest quality tools for professionals. Klein Tools was founded in 1857 by Mathias Klein, who forged the first-known pair of U.S. made pliers. Today, Klein Tools is the #1 preferred brand in the electrical industry. Made for professional users, Klein tools are available through Graybar distributors nationwide.

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Klein News

  • Klein Tools Journeyman Gloves: Get a Grip on Efficiency, Safety & Productivity

    Choosing the wrong work glove poses a serious threat to your safety and productivity. Improper functionality slows you down, and inadequate protection opens you up to the risk of injury and costly downtime. Whether you’re pulling wire, working with power tools, or switching between light-duty tasks and computer work, Klein Tools has a Journeyman Glove that’s a perfect fit for the task at hand.


  • Furiously Fast: Universal Connect Coaxial Connectors from Klein

    Do you dread the installation costs inherent in your office or factory? Klein’s Universal Connect Coaxial Connectors are doing their part to bring down a costly budget item; these coaxial connectors can be installed up to five times faster than competing connectors. With durable construction and an innovative universal sleeve connector, these coaxial connectors are the responsible choice for any application.


  • Total Protection In A Sleek Package: Electrician's Insulated Tools From Klein Tools

    When you’re working with 1000+ volts, additional precautions are crucial but some insulated tools hog more space on your tool belt than they’re worth. You need tools that are reliable and easy to use without needing their own tool bag. Settling for less than the best is admitting defeat. Not on Klein’s watch. With Electrician's Insulated Tools from Klein Tools, you’ll get 1000-volt protection in a tool that’s easier to use and store.


  • Easily Attach Locknuts in Deep Cut-in Boxes with the NEW Conduit Locknut Wrench from Klein

    Feed your wires through Klein’s new Conduit Locknut Wrench, and you're able to hold the wires in place and twist at the same time. That keeps the job stable and you can turn the connector on with little effort.


  • New Products from Klein Tools

    What's new with Klein Tools? Check out the wide array of new products​.


  • Measure and Fish in One Easy Step!

    Work faster and more efficiently with the first Laser-Etched Fiberglass Fish Tapes from Klein Tools®. Laser-etched markings allow you to more accurately measure the depth of conduit runs. With the 1” increment markings, you'll know right away how much tape is left to pay out even when the tape is cut.


  • Professional Series Clamp Meters from Klein Tools

    The 1000A AC/DC TRMS Clamp Meter from Klein offers True RMS for accurate readings of all signals. Extra‐large 2 in. jaw opening accommodates a greater measuring area. The jaw area features a worklight to light your way in dark places.


  • Light your way with Klein Tools Fiberglass Glow Rods

    These flexible fiberglass, glow-in-the-dark rods are perfect for installing wires above ceilings, through walls, and under carpets and raised floors. Available in 9’ and 18’ lengths and 3/16” and 5/32” diameters. The luminescent glow rods are rechargeable in most available light sources.


  • Klein Tools VDV Scout Pro LT Tester Kit

    Klein Tools is pleased to announce the addition of the VDV Scout™ Pro Tester Kit to its rapidly-growing line of Voice, Data, and Video (VDV) products. The Scout Pro™ closely fits the company’s working strategy for expansion into the VDV tool and test market as it provides low-voltage professionals with exceptional quality at an affordable price. Proudly made in the USA, the VDV Scout™ Pro Tester Kit is quality engineered to perform as a “best-in-class” VDV test instrument.


  • Klein Tools Multi-Bit Screwdriver/Nut Driver Product Line

    Klein Tools is pleased to announce the addition of its new interchangeable Multi-Bit Screwdriver/Nut Driver product line. These new Multi-Bit tools are designed for professionals by providing the quality features that have made the Klein name famous for hand tools—features that assure greater convenience, comfort and efficiency in use, plus exceptional strength and durability. All of the design benefits that have made Klein screwdrivers and nut drivers successful in the past have been implemented and improved upon in these new tools.


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